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Session 7


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  Session 7 - Domestic Peace 
'World Peace Begins At Home'

Robert Browning (1812-1889)

"He who did well in war just earns the right
To begin doing well in peace."
Luria. Act ii.


Please comment on the contents of this proclamation about domestic violence.  This document will be sent to you along with your certificate.  We hope you will show it to others and display it in your homes.

The PeaceClinic's Peace Practitioner's Program,
Domestic Violence Awareness Education Program

WHEREAS, domestic violence is a pervasive degrading crime that transcends all racial, ethnic, gender and socio-economic boundaries, causing profound and devastating physical, mental and emotional harm to indiduals, families, children, elders, animals and communities; and

WHEREAS, domestic violence impacts all facets of our communities; from homes to schools, to the workplace: therefore educating all citizens on the physical, mental, spiritual and sociological effects of domestic violence is crucial to creating safe, secure homes and communities both civilian and military; for families and children now and in the future; and

WHEREAS, the Membership of The PeaceClinic embraces a deep belief in protecting families, children, elders, youth and animals who are challenged daily to survive the violence in their homes; when homes should be a place of safety and comfort, where no one deserves to be a hurt or injured by someone they love or care about; and

WHEREAS, the members of The PeaceClinic are united with the common purpose of protecting those who are less able to protect themselves by promoting domestic violence awareness through collaborative efforts within community resource agencies; and

WHEREAS, through this union we will combine our efforts to prevent domestic violence by promoting strong and safe families. We will apply lessons from the past. We will press forward in the present. We will take action in the future to ensure safe, secure homes and families; and

WHEREAS, this official declaration is in concert with initiatives outlined in our PeaceClinic's Action Plan for Interpersonal Violence Prevention and serves as a Proclomation by Chloe Joquel Freeland, Founder of The PeaceClinic, do hereby proclaim the year 2005 as the beginning of

The PeaceClinic's Peace Practitioner's Workshop,
Domestic Violence Awareness Education Program

in every region of the globe, and encourage all citizens to make a commitment to support on-going community efforts designed to increase public awareness of the consequences of domestic violence.


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Chloe Joquel Freeland                                         Date
Founder/Executive Director, The PeaceClinic
Creator, Peace Practitioners Workshop


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Your Name                                                        Date
Certified Peace Practitioner
The PeaceClinic, Peace Practitioners Workshop 

The PeaceClinic, where 'World Peace Begins At Home'
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[Session 6]    This is Session 7     [Session 8]


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