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Session 13


[Session 12]    This is Session 13     [Session 14]

  Session 13 - World Peace 
'World Peace Begins At Home'

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

"With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow and his orphan—to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations."
Second Inaugural Address. March 4, 1865.


Technology of Peace
By Fani B. Das

1. Present Status of Peace.

2. Sources and techniques of exploration of peace.

3. Application of Peace Technology for sustainable peace.

Today I deal with the present status of peace.

A. Present perception of peace.

Peace is

State of tranquility characterized by silence, solitude, stillness and non-belligerent relationship.

No warring condition of community, society and Nations.

At individual level it is the freedom of mind from hatred, jealousy, anxiety, greed, torching others and other elements of evil thoughts.

Today Peace is realized through

Peace talks and negotiations

Present perception of peace leads to transitory peace and not sustainable peace

B. Some of the consequences of present perception of peace

Cosmic disorder

Biosphere malfunctioning

Disharmonious relationship between life forms.

Fragmentation of material and life pool disconnecting life from the Mother Nature.

Increasing natural disasters

High level of destruction of resources of the biosphere at a continuously increasing rate

Violence in form of crime, wars and terrorism increasing at a faster rate destroying the orderly connectivity between life forms, between man and man
and man and resources.

Genetical disorderliness galloping in humans with negative responses of mind like greed, lack of concern for others, role conflicts, disequilibrium, anger, hatred and jealousy etc.

Unlimited desire leading to consumeristic culture resulting in civilization decline.

Peace at three levels – inner, domestic and global level is replace bymore and more violence.

C. Thus the resultant of sum total of consequences are

"Sustainable peace" is eluding mankind and will be eluding indefinitely unless the present path of human activity is changed.

If the present trend continues without any brake, humans will be wiped out from the biosphere by the violent forces generated by Nature and Humans.

The cosmic world and the cycles of biosphere will be reverted back to “Nothingness”

D. New quest for sustainable peace is based on

Identifying sources of peace resources and inventing the techniques for exploration of resources.

Convergence of “science” and “spirituality”.

Understanding the “truth” of relationship between matter and energy.

Understanding the “truth” of time and space.

Understanding the “truth” of relationship between different life forms and their kinship with resources of biosphere.

Analyzing the reasons for civilization decline and continuous stratification process dividing destructively oneness of universal laws and laws
of Nature.

Generation of positive psychic energy through Natural Philosophical Process of convergence of “Collective minds” – AN INNOVATIVE HUMANISED

Thus Peace Technology is defined – "The law of peace technology is defined as the technology of generation of psychic energy in three integrative forms of
material and non-material consciousness forces of

(1) Techniques and intelligence of natural philosophical process of convergence of responses of
“collective minds” (2) Eternity of truth, order and harmony (3) Biospherism and humanitarianism, determining level of and preferential order as security, comfort and happiness.
Professor Fani Bhusan Das
Founder of the School for Peace Technology
Orissa, India


Peace Technology

Sources and Techniques of Exploration of Peace


A. Let us understand that Peac

Humanity’s highest value

The basis of creation

More important than all justice

Super-Energy and Power

B. For "Creation" sources are essential which need to be explored to access the determinants of sustainable peace.

C. Seven sources have been identified to acquire "Sustainable Peace" which are

Process of evolution

Biosphere and ecology process

Human brain and mind


Ecology resources and development

Societal processes

Political dynamics

  D. In module-1, the source "process of evolution" is explored

    1. Forces of creation

Evolution of creation is from "Nothingness" – highly dense and closely knitted particles ignited by super energy.

Scientists have discovered till date electro magnetic and gravitational energy basing on which the activities of the world are going on.

Two crucial components of constitution of universe have recently been discovered, which are Dark Matter (23% ) and Dark Energy (73%).

The Dark Energy is the "Peace Energy" which control , regulate and determine forms of all other energy.

Peace is conscious and as such I conceive Peace Energy as "Peace Consciousness Energy" determining the use and exploration of all sorts of material and energy.

"Peace Consciousness energy" (PCE) consists of two genders – feminine and masculine, the conjunction of which created the universe – the matter and lower form of energy sources.

The matter and energy collectively form the universe consisting of ten planets revolving around the sun, one of which is planet earth.

The forces of PCE equilibrate the universe with sun at the center and the earth and other 9 planets.

Truth, order and harmony are the main constituents of PCE which are prime movers to sustain the universe and the planets.

    2. Evolution of Biosphere

There exists fundamental particles of both matter and energy which construct the biosphere and provide opportunity for evolution of life.

The biosphere operates matter, energy and life pools which have also fundamental particles.

Scientifically forces of communication between fundamental particles with Truth, Order and Harmony (Main ingredients of peace) sustain the normal functioning of the biosphere.

The fundamental particle of matter is "atom" and that of PCE is "spiriton".

Air, water and land resources of the biosphere create life in different forms including humans.

The fundamental particle of life , and entity of peace is "spiriton" – a nano-fraction of universal spiriton.

Biosphere is evolving with the interaction of life forms especially the humans with the resources in the scale of TIME and SPACE.

Peace as a source needs to be explored during the process of evolution from the interaction taking place in the scale of time and space

visa-vis the intervention of highest life form, the humans.

    3. Peace Power generated from the process of evolution.

There are two main determinants.

(A) Space and Time

(B) Gender

A. (a) Space

Space evolution process of the planet earth is taking place with the cycles of solar system, specially the satellite of the earth, the moon by continuous intervention of the humans.

Intervention of humans takes place on the outermost part of the earth, the lithosphere.

The lithosphere is at peace and cool and about 100 km in thickness.

The lithosphere floats on a fluid – life asthenosphere which is just beneath the lithosphere.

The lithosphere is made of tectonic plates which move independently relating to one another in different direction.

All the continents are situated in these plates.

The human intervention on the tectonic plates for growth and development is to be designed to support normal movement of plates without any excess stress and strain to avoid natural violence like Tsunami , hurricane, flood and cyclone etc.

Human actions on the tectonic plates be guided by truth, order and harmony and accordingly technology and thought processes need to be developed to trans form the present biosphere violence to biosphere peace.

The biosphere peace will determine the characteristics of space in conformity to global and human peace.

(b) Time

Time calendar is a system of organizing units of time – day, weeks, months and years.

Time is based on revolution of the earth around the sun and revolution of moon around the earth.

Humanity is evolved under the increasing stress of present artificial Gregorian time calendar from 1582 AD with 12 months a year which has no relationship with laws and cycles of nature resulting in increasing level of violence.

Opposition to present calendar started in 1900 AD as it directly affects the human mind disconnecting from the rhythms of Natural World.

Present calendar produce the monstrous conundrum known as the "fast world" – a civilization where money and technological advance prevail over human sensibility and natural order: serving as an instrument of planetary violence creating "chaos, barbarism, war and terrorism".

To explore peace from time calendar a different state of consciousness is to be created to realize technologies that are mental rather then material in nature.

A new time calendar of 13 months 28 days need to be adopted for which groups of individuals all around the world are dedicating themselves for the emergency of Global culture of peace.

This calendar change issue is spending with UN and with adoption of this new solar – lunar calendar , a new beginning towards peace culture will emerge changing the mind set from "Time is Money" to "Time is Art"

Acceptance of "Time as Art" will initiate peace through culture as "Art" is healing, purifying and unifying.

The Foundation for the law of time has drawn up a world 13 moon calendar peace plan for transformation of Biosphere to Noospere during a 20 year period beginning from 1993 to 2013 – shifting historical materialism to post history spiritualism link to science. For the shake of peace all countries need to initiate steps in this direction.

A new calendar will have 13 months in a year (moon revolves around earth 13 times in a year of 364 days) with 28 days in a month. The year will begin from July 25 of the present calendar and end on July 24. July 26 of the present calendar will be a day out of time which need to be celebrated as World Peace Day by the humanity. In this calendar there is no confusion as there is perfect harmony and order- every month will start from Sunday and end in Saturday. Every month will have a moral meaning.

The new calendar will be in harmony with Nature and will create sense of consciousness rediscovering the nexus between peace consciousness – spirit – Nature to save the natural environment, embracing peace at inner, domestic and global level; there by making the world healthy and peaceful again.

From the source of time, thus peace is explored by networking of Art, Science and Spirituality which will heighten the consciousness and awakens the telepathic programming inherent in human biology for sustainability of peace . "Make a Time Shift" will lead to "Make a Mind Shift" accepting "Time as Art" from which peace will emerge.

   B. Gender

Gender is masculine and feminine- the intercourse between the two reproduces the life .

This is the uniqueness of evolution maintaining stability of evolutionary times and thoughts.

Besides reproduction, it leads to satisfaction of biological (including sexual) urge for ensuring metabolic balance of body and mind.

There is need to stop gender discrimination and viewing women as a mere sex object.

The role of woman as daughter, sister, wife and mother should be focused to make the response of mind peaceful as vulgarity from the mind will be erased.

Commodification and commercialization of women through TV, hoardings and advertisements etc need to be prohibited for adopting moral and ethical standard of life both for present and future generation enabling them to acquire inner, domestic and global peace.

"Tender Loving Care" be promoted instead of vulgar sex, violence and falsified culture, which will stop increasing chemical secretion of testosterone in case of man and estrogen in woman beyond the need of metabolic requirement so that negativisms like perversion , pollution of mind leading to aberration of thought, feeling , intellect , emotion, behavior and attitude will be eliminated – giving rise to a state peace consciousness.

Developing purity of man and woman relationship at moral and biological level through institution of marriage should be promoted instead of culture of divorce, live-in relationship and emerging thought of abolishing the institution of marriage by introduction of cohabitation law.

Source of peace from gender to be also explored by infusing (components of peace – truth, order and harmony) orderly sequence of inductive processes that begin with the formation of neural plate in the brain of the baby in the mother’s womb.

If the imprints of the neural plate from the mother’s body and mind and the outside physical/ social environment are peace in nature, the child born will be a human being ingrained with all the qualities of peace.

Thus, the Space, Time and Gender are the sources of peace in the evolution process for which exploration processes have been discovered and discussed . This is to be linked with exploration of other six sources of peace to acquire sustainable peace holistically at all the three levels.


Peace Technology


Exploration of Sources of Peace from Biosphere and Ecology Process

(A.) Basics of Biosphere

     Peace is the culture of the biosphere and basis of life.

     Biosphere peace is the prerequisite of humanity peace.

     It is the part of earth’s crust that supports life.

     It is constituted by interactive forces of energy, material and life
       pool in the Ecology process.

     Biosphere is the divine plan.

     Biosphere peace is essential for evolution process
       and human   peace.

(B) The Pools of Ecology Process of the Biosphere –
      Energy, Matter and Life

  Ecology is the science of relationship of organisms with their

Ecosystem is an organized unit where the biotic and a biotic
        components are holistically linked.

The natural order of ecosystem is progress towards equilibrium.

It is only the human actions determine the output of the systems
       and process of the biosphere – either peace or violence.

Sources of energy of biosphere are natural solar power, naturally
subsidized solar power, human subsidized solar power, fossil power, nuclear power, electro magnetic and magnetic power, bio magnetic power etc – the origin of all such powers is peace consciousness energy.

Networking of matter, mind, life and consciousness through matter and
energy pool make up the spirit of the biosphere.

Psycho bio magnetic power determines the illness or well being of

Power of bio geo chemical self- combustion is the result of illness of

Life energy – the architect “Gene” (DNA) determine the phenotype of
biosphere through the process DNA RNA Protein Environment effect on
cell On tissue On organism On population.

Loss of biosphere peace builds up culture of violence , crime, war and
terrorism etc.

The cycle of material pool are hydrological, carbon, nitrogen,
phosphorus , sulfur, and nutrients .

The recycling of the components of the material pool is essential for
exploration of matter, energy and life to develop biosphere peace which will result in peace of humanity.

The life pool is dependent on quality of gene and environment.

Both gene and environment are influence by human activities.

There is need of reorientation of human activities to establish
harmonious relationship between human and non-human(plant, animal, and insects etc) to derive biosphere peace.

To derive peace from biosphere , there is need of building a bridge of
connectivity and harmony between productive and protective ecosystems of the biosphere.

Return of peace to biosphere will take place with existential
dependence on others species/organisms and biomass in the natural cycles built by microbes and not by humans – the productive strategy.

Restoration of peace can take place with more stress on organized ways of accumulating organic structures, biomass nutrients and diversity of landscape for establishing orderly relationship between productive and protective

Through restoration of normal functioning of natural cycles ,
especially the bio magnetic cycle, biosphere peace can be established.

Unification of moral/natural space, time and gender and eco-approach
to energy and matter especially to air, water and land will promote peace culture.

There is need to improve relationship between genotype of biological
diversity with energy , matter and life pool for “creative construction” leading to peace culture.

All the cancerous cells of the biosphere need to be transformed to
healthy brain cells of the earth for functioning of world brain to create anew our global society vibrating with peace energy.

Real perpetual wealth of the mankind be recognized and generated
through exploration productive and sustainable powers of resources of the biosphere, applying consciousness of mind to acquire the ultimate object of the life and world – the peace.

Human actions for man – made satellites should ensure that alienation
of electromagnetic and geo magnetic sensibility does not take place to avoid psycho bio magnetic illness of civilization for sustaining biosphere peace.

Biosphere peace will provide security, comfort with a sense of enough
ness and happiness to all members of one human family (who are first the members of common wealth of Nature) so that violence is out and seed of peace is implanted in human mind for flowering of Peace Tree to acquire prosperity with peace through peaceful means by application of principles of Peace Technology.

Thus, exploration of source of peace from Biosphere and Ecology Process has been conceived and discussed differently establishing connectivity with the “World’s healthy brain” and holistically linked to other six sources of peace.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Peace Technology


Exploration of Sources of Peace from Human Brian and mind

A. Peace, Brain and Mind

Peace is final – flows from Absolute consciousness to different life
forms through the channel of brain and mind.

Brian has physical existence , the hardware where as mind its software
– the responses of interaction of various parts of the brain expressed through mind.

Peace, brain, mind, spirit and soul are intricately interlinked.

The infinity of mind determines active concept of peace which indicates well being in daily existence , state of harmony with nature, with himself/herself and with Absolute consciousness.

Mind expresses peace as a positive state and connotes a life fullness,
integrity and happiness.

B. Peace, Heart, Mind and Life

Universal peace consciousness energy (UPCE) – a concept of "wholeness" (soul) gives birth to matter and various forms of life through heart , brain and mind.

The UPCE is invisible , non-destructive, immortal and omni present.

Life begins with positioning of the brain in heart, having auto-rhythmic function that grants physical existence to humans and other life forms.

The heart has independent nervous system with 40,000 neurons with
electro magnetic energy field 5000 times greater than the brain.

A fraction of UPCE acts as the "ignition key" , the spirit which creates a "spark" making the heart to beat in the unborn fetus of the mother before the brain is formed.

The spark emits energy which travels in the conduit of heart to brain and creates neural plate in the brain.

The role of spirit is only to create a spark which has physical existence whereas the spirit has no physical existence and resides in heart and subjective mind to oversee and watch the physical actions of humans.

The spirit is always in absolute peace.

The neural plate of the brain once formed starts constructing various physical parts of the body, life along with the brain.

The interaction process of various brain parts creates responses through mind.

Peace is to be explored from heart and subjective mind as "heart and mind" is the seat of peace.

C. Brain and Peace

The neural plate makes all parts of the body including brain depending
on the impulses it gets from the body of the mother, external environment and nutrient intake.

30 billion brain cells (neurons) and 5 to 10 times of that number of glial cells construct the brain components.

Some of the important components of the brain are cerebrum in two
hemisphere – left and right, cerebellum coordinating left and right hemisphere, thalamus - translating the impulses into brain language, cortex – the thought and intelligence and hypothalamus with functions like thermoregulation, behavior, emotion etc having afferent connection from limbic system namely hippocampus (memory) and amygdale (emotion).

The brain components creates two minds – thought (rational) and
emotion which determine the responses of the individuals in form of either violent or peaceful.

Structurally there are three minds namely reptile (violent), mammalian
(emotion like love ,affection and empathy etc) and cortex (analytical,
intelligent ,decision making and judgment etc) .

For generating peace, the brain components indicated earlier are to be
activated so that mammalian and cortex mind are tuned to generate positive and peaceful responses while subduing the reptile mind.

D. Thought, Matter, Life and Mind

There are three minds namely conscious ,subconscious and unconscious, out of which unconscious mind stores maximum information but it is difficult to access.

Mind is the creative cosmic energy whose perceptive power is created by the forces working in the matter of biosphere.

Anatomical parts of brain through interaction of large number of neural
wirings evolve the mind.

All the three minds are interlinked but generally humans operate from
the conscious mind.

Power to access subconscious and unconscious mind improves the qualityof mind and make the responses peaceful.

Mind , life and body dependent on the physical principles of Mother Earth.

Life is conditioned by matter and is result of consciousness of mind.

The basic source of power of mind is thought, keeping his internal body functioning and the consciousness deciding right, wrong, moral and immoral etc.

Responses of a man are from mind determining attitudes , behavior and actions etc.

Five sensory instruments of the brain receive impulses from the body
itself and the biosphere.

The impulses received are processed by communication set up of neurons through mechanism of neurotransmission to create responses of the mind.

State of peace or violence is determined by the responses of the mind.

Thought , the output of mind is an important non materialistic tool of
peace technology which determines

Body development



Approach to explore the material environment

Attitude towards justice, harmony , order, truth, moral, feeling, wisdom, empathy etc.

Thought power is a dynamic force caused by psychic vibrations on the
mental substances.

Thought forms determined nature and characteristics of the components
of the biosphere .

Thought travels at a rate higher than the light and thought
transference is a process to be achieved through activation of higher faculty of mind.

Power of thought influences intellect and emotions which can uplift
the mind to the level of intuition which is generally absent in human beings.

Positive through power when travels create peace whereas negative
thought power creates violence.

Thought power is dependent on quality of mind which is dependent on
food/nutrition intake mind-stilling exercises, consciousness and the

E. Acquiring Peace Through Cultivation of Mind.

1. Food/nutrition intake requirement

 Oxygen, glucose and other nutrients.

 Meat eating to be limited to 10 to 20 percent of total
nutritional intake.

 Balanced consumption of Flora (grains)- Fauna nutrition.

 Nutritional supplements like vitamin-E (protects neurons from
radical damage), Phosphatidylcholin (prevents loss of cognitive function of
brain, Phosphatidyl serene (improves memory).

 Alpha Linoleic acid and other fatty acids which are more in fat
marine fishes protect the sheaths of brain cells and provide nutrition for
health brain growth.

 Fairly large quantity of such fatty acid is also available in
leafy vegetables, nuts, legumes and vegetable oil etc.

 Co Enzyme Q10 is anti oxidant which helps the brain to
generate energy for appropriate responses of mind.

 Intake of food/nutrients from organic fertilizer reduce the dose
of poison where as chemical fertilizers which are used rampantly today
increases poison level in the body affecting the functioning brain and responses of mind.

 Adoption of pro biotic culture as an organic source of energy
to body and mind reduces toxins of the body making the responses of the mind peaceful.

2. Mind Stilling Exercises

 Yoga and meditation improve the quality of mind.

 Meditation is a process of movement towards the direction of inward consciousness to UPCE, the source of all life’s manifestation .

Yoga and meditation practiced on a continuous basis make one to recognize the "spiritons" to adopt the principles of spiritualism during the
process of exploration and interaction with "atoms" constituting the matter.

Spiritons are activated through mind stilling exercises and mutate to create life and spirit.

The nucleolus of spirit on is "peace energy" which conducts the thoughts and emotion of mind towards a peace culture.

 Around nucleus of spirit on energy particles of mind namely thought and emotion revolve which is controlled by the nucleus – the peace energy.

 Once the nucleus "peace energy" looses control over movement of
particles of mind the spiritons become radical and as a result violence erupts in different forms within the body and flowing towards the external environment.

 There is increased generation positive thoughts in mind with
continuous practice of minds stilling exercises which enables one to acquire inner peace and make the responses of mind peaceful to contribute to domestic and global peace.

3. Consciousness

 Consciousness is a powerful tool of the mind.

 It is a function of thought and feeling of mind involving distinct parts of the human brain like cerebrum, cerebellum, hippocampus, amygdala and hypothalamus etc.

 Hypothalamus , the base of pituitary gland plays a key role in
development of consciousness.

 The hypothalamus is located between the eye brows about 7 to 9
centimeter inside from this point of forehead.

 Activation of hypothalamus leads to establish health
relationship between oneself, environment, spirit and UPCE.

 Such holistic activation of hypothalamus establishes
connectivity with Absolute Consciousness.

 It fuels peace waves and with increased frequency of peace
waves an unbounded ocean is created in human mind – a status of zero excitation level. This is commonly known as Transcendal consciousness igniting a state of inner peace.

4. Environment

 Environment creates life along with brain and mind which in turn influence the quality of environment.

 Environment today deteriorating day by day needs to be restored with peaceful responses of human mind which in turn improve the quality of mind.

 Present environment should be creatively constructed erasing the artificial border of countries and perceiving all humans as members of Common Wealth of Nature and not Nations.

 New vision environment needs to be conceived as

" As creating conduciveness between matter and spirit through adoption of a development philosophy for place of stay, work and create and recreate for genetical enrichment to perpetuate minds " ad infinitum" so that environment of humans and other species in the biosphere are safe, secured , sound, satisfying and sustainable.

Thus, brain and mind play extremely crucial and key role in developing peace culture promoting one world – one human family and erasing violence from human minds through establishing linkages with other six sources of peace.



Exploration of Sources of Peace from Harmonics

A. Harmonics is the behavior linked to wisdom

B. Human Behavior

Is primarily from the biological and social sciences linked to
evolutionary theory to discover human nature.

Is the product of interaction of matter, life, mind and spirit.

Is the aggregate of responses to external and internal stimuli and the
manifestation of brain and mind functions .

Behavior modification takes place either by a revolutionary individual
effort or an evolutionary general progression.

Present behavior is de linked from wisdom emphasizing material
prosperity in direct opposition to Nature’s profoundest method by activating of
reptile and egoistic consciousness. The present human behavior is leading to

– Physical pains and emotional


– Status of happiness and peace

becoming transitory

– Internal anger , jealousy and hatred increasing day by day.

– Animality in man is increasing.

– “Information society” – not the “thinking society” , not the “deliberative society” and not the “society of reason and rationality”.

C. Neurology and Neurochemistry of Behavior

Neurology of behavior is governed by neural circuits of different zones of cerebral cortex of the brain.

Effective functioning of neural circuits generates behavior linked to
wisdom – Harmonics .

Neurochemistry of behavior through neurotransmitters influences the
transmission process of impulses and signals determining mental capability of performance and behavior pattern.

Performance of both neurology and neurochemistry recognizing the
relationship between “spiriton” and atom and inconformity with universal law of truth, order and harmony lead to peace culture.

“Super speed” and “super technology” of the present era create
aberrations in mind leading to aggressiveness of crime, violence, war and terrorism etc by upsetting the normality of neurology and neurochemistry.

C. Peace from Harmonics


Peace comes with harmonics

Harmonics network spiritual feelings in the brain wirings blossoming
the tree of Peace.

Learning from true, integrity and comprehensive knowledge with value
systems linked to unification and equity of distribution of benefits of the
environmental resources empower the humans with harmonics which in turn leads to peace.

Art of living and capacity to survive in the natural world should
emerge from restoring the life of soil, water, air, and vegetation which in
promote harmonics and ultimately the peace.


Commonness of minds , thoughts and aims to be developed for the
humanity to live well together in unity with behavioral traits like

– Self-talk

– Convergence of intellect and emotion.

– Egoless state

– Decisions based on thoughts and feelings

– Putting down negative impulses and activating positive impulses in

– Balancing thought and emotion

– Discarding over reaction to an impulse by adopting emotional
balancing to reduce stress and improving harmonics.

– Showing concern for others- empathy which enriches inner-self.

– Learning skill of listening and communicating without hurting
other’s emotion.

– Self –disclosure

– Insight- knowing one’s own and other’s emotional life.

– Self-acceptance – act and react positively without any irritation.

– Personal responsibility to be recognized understanding the
consequences of decisions taken .

– co-operate knowing when and how to lead and when to follow.

– Transform conflicts to peaceful solutions .

– Recognize the evils of violence and make attempts to replace violence
of mind with peace.

(c) Family to be developed as Institution of Harmonics

Fill the family with all goodness and virtues of humanness.

Love, affection, tolerance and kindness in the mosaic system of family
are also neurochemical processes.

With increased secretion of Adrerin and serotonin, the intensity of
positive emotion heighten developing harmonics.

The family is the basic institution to stimulate neurochemical action
from the beginning of life cycle.

Lessons learned in the family environment mould the behavior in the
life and society.

Behavior changes with experiences – but lesson /experience in the
family modulate the format of behavior.

Family is the most appropriate institution where one can recognize
“inner self” – the human spirit and soul which infuses harmonics in individuals
At the family level, environment be created to check violent forces of
consumeristic culture for unifying determinants of peace.

From the family level , the concept of “Time as Money” to be discarded and “Time as Art” – healing , purifying and unifying be infused in the mind for peaceful behavior.

Thus, adoption of principles of harmonics will promote inner and domestic peace contributing to global peace with convergence of principles of other six sources of peace.




Peace Technology


Exploration of Sources of Peace from Ecology Resources and Development

A. Performance of Ecology Resources – It performs 3 development


Provision of resources

Assimilation of wastes

Provision of environmental services for life support systems

Performance wise the provision of resources is classified as

Non-renewable fossil fuels, minerals etc

Renewable energy, plants, animals, air, water and soil etc

Continuing energy generation from sun, wind, gravity and tidal water etc.

Providing opportunity for economic activities

Scarcity or material welfare through use of resources

Alternatives in allocation of scares resources to fulfill human needs

Production, consumption, labor, capital, land and supply of goods and services.

Value and price


B. Stratification of Global Society – consequences of Present Human Activities towards Development.

Creation of three distinct economic divisions

Market economy (Advanced Nations)

Emerging economy (Asia and Africa)

Survival economy (Dependent on Aid of developed nations)

Conflict continues between three economies due to unequal access to resources and technology in addition to inequity in the distribution of benefits of development.

Exploitation of ecology resources beyond their regenerative capacity

In all the three economies there is intra and inter violence adversely affecting equilibrium of ecology resources and humanity’s peace and happiness.

The present development suffers from absence of two fundamental values to sustain universal laws of ecology namely (i) self –realisation (ii) bio centric equality – adversely affecting human thought process.

Pollution of the mind and resources of ecology.

Development wisdom linked to physical, chemical, psychological, magnetic and ecological consciousness is declining day by date resulting in "creative destruction".

Development guided by principles of utilitarianism and pattern of consumeristic violent forces leading to more and more violence with civilization decline.

Truth, order and harmony are ignored in the development process detaching spirituality from development making it unsustainable.

In all the three economies , the objective of development namely security, comfort and happiness are not achieved even in developed nations.

A trend of violent development culture is emerging which may ultimately wipe out human’s from the biosphere.

Human greed has become now the greatest pollutant which

Stops man from sharing with others

Obstructs the preservation of ecology resources

Pollutes physical environment

Contaminates the subtle life support system- the air, water and soil

Stimulates negative vibration of emotions in subtle minds

Such negative emotions are being compounded day by day giving rise to unrest in society leading to violent outbursts .

Negative feelings of hatred, anger, jealousy and intolerance etc are the outputs of the present development models for which peace is eluding mankind and violence in form of crimes , wars and terrorism is taking over accompanied by wastes and natural disasters that take ages to balance out.

C. Development Peace – A Model to acquire peace from ecology resources

and development


Ingredients of human activities for any kind of development need to be accepted as security, comfort with a sense of enough ness and happiness interwoven with universal law of truth, order and harmony - The Peace

There is urgent need to keep the ecology resources and the environment within the consciousness at all times .

Sustainable creative construction devoid of all negative emotions and crime , violence ,war, fear and disunity is the base of Development Peace.

Reconnecting men with nature and seeing themselves again as part of nature rather than apart from nature – which will stimulate the minds for appropriate responses to acquire peace through development.

b. The framework "Development Peace" model will encompass

Wise and sustainable use of ecology resources

Equal value to all life both humans and non-humans

Increased richness and diversity of non-humans

Substantial decrease of human population to provide opportunity for others to grow

Conserving and enhancing ecology resource base

Innovation of more and more environmentally sustainable technologies

Convergence of ecology, economy and ethics

Accepting "consciousness" and "spirituality" as the foundation for exploration of "matter" for development.

Waste recycling and transforming wealth from waste.

Maintaining balance and equilibrium between natural, domesticated and fabricated environment.

Practice eco-economy which advocates more natural, sustainable and rational approach to economy

Transformation of process of development as a conscious endeavor and minds to conceive development as factors of ecology , sociology and psychology.

Environment consciousness is to be inbuilt in human systems keeping in mind the long term effects and benefits of any program of development

Five elements of nature namely earth, water , fire, air, and space which are opposed to each other but function orderly and in harmony with each other providing resources to humans for development. The sustainable development model need to be based on such characteristics of mother nature.

To make the development sustainable , "freedom" at all times from types of violence and crime need to be ensured – human’s negative emotions destroying ecology resources , polluting the environment, using non-recyclable materials etc are serious types of crimes which threaten the development.

Basic purpose of development to be designed as building a healthy , happy and peaceful society.

One aspires for disease – free body, a stress – free mind, a violent free society, a toxin free environment which should be built into the development process as only creating abundance of good infrastructure, services and all other material things will destroy the human psychology.

Development should be appropriately positioned so that the need to build more hospitals, mental asylums and prisons and more security network is reduced.

C. Concept of "Globalty" in Development

Peace can be acquired through innovative models of development incorporating rationalistic tendency of materialism and value rich non-materialism for conscious growth of matter- life – mind to support peace process.

Concept of "globalty" highlights human aspirations for delight of existence which can be best termed as "Consciousness Awakening Matter Development Program (CAMP), Some of important principles of which are

Arousal and awakening of people’s consciousness and capability of each member of commonwealth of nature with a clear vision that downfall of one and degradation of matter means downfall of all

Switch over from Gregorian civil calendar to 28 days 13 months moon civil calendar

Restoration of purity of man-woman relationship

Joint management of the biosphere with the principles of "globalty"

Limit on desire and development of sense of enough ness

Peace to be an integral component of all human developmental activities

Establishing ecological limits an more equitable standards

Decentralization economic activities relating to time- space relationship

Establishing equilibrium between development of natural, domesticated and fabricated environment

Adoption of effective means of human population control

conservation of basic resources and renovation of disrupted natural cycles

Building psychic and solar – hydrogen- plant energy source with gradual discontinuance of use of fossil and other non-renewable sources of energy

More equitable access to resources for all the members of commonwealth of nature and increasing technological capacities for using resources within their limits of regenerating capacity.

Proactive development of activities for reserving conflicts and different levels

Complete check on exploitation process of vulnerable groups and corruption

Removal of gender bias and empowerment of women.

Land , water , air and vegetation care management for increased production and productivity without pollution.

Accountability, transparency and implement ability of development inputs ensuring sustainability of outputs.

Linking of value systems to the development programmes.

D. "CAMP" Model of Development

Is based on the principles of "Peace Technology" adopting the process of ecology from the "wholeness" to the grass roots, which is place below.



"Non-matter" atom, the "spiriton" for peace from the peace consciousness energy field.

"Matter" atom – for peace in the electro magnetic and gravitation energy field

Development Peace

Biosphere/Ecology Habitat peace Human Peace


Thus, the peace can be sustain ably acquired through adopting the principles of "sustainable peace through development" and "Sustainable development through peace" with the convergence of principles of other six sources of peace. This will promote inner and domestic peace leading to global peace.


Peace Technology


Exploration of Sources of Peace from Societal ProcessesA. Society – An Offshoot organization of Mother Earth in the process of destabilization

"Grouping" of individuals evolved to explore and consume the resources of the mother earth for that own existence and continuance

keen ship structure groups for functional purpose which originally was based on truth, order and harmony – the energy of peace.

In course of evolution of human groups interaction took place between man-nature characterized by conflicts , violence and peace.

Societal processes begun with peace and then gradually and slowly moved towards aggression and culture of violence due to conflicts between group to have more access to resources and to enjoy the benefits of the development at the cost of the others.

The aggressiveness continues giving rise to flux in societal structures , functions, relationships and processes leading to immoral social forces.

In the process the family became a victim of lack of peace.

Both cohesive and destructive forces of social change emerging with technological and material development linked with culture of "modernity" and "utilitarianism" destroy the unifying force of the society to maintain "unity in diversity".

High transience ness is growing with places, things, organizations and information with high rate of turn over of relationship between the four determinants creating stressful minds more prone to violence than peace.

Positivistic , techno centric rationalistic progress with rational planning of ideal social order is continuously being discarded with

— Human liberation conceived as adopting the principles of destructive creativeness.

— To enjoy the environment that provides virtual adventure, pleasure, power and growth .

— Domination over others and nature.

— Satisfying greeds and instincts instead of needs.

The domain of modernism characterized by domination , operation, destruction to serve the interest of few at the cost of welfare of the majority.

Social destabilization with money and muscle as supreme power has undercut the roots of orderly societal structures and forms.

Modernization is creating various kinds of consumeristic societies evolving violent forces.

Continuous declining of value-base of the society.

The diversity of social relationship broadly encompasses balancing of

— The people’s mutual interest.

— Capabilities and wills.

— Morality and ethical behavior.

— Mobility and intergenerational conflicts.

— Turnover of relationship between intra human groups and with things , places , organization and information.

— Religious, tradition and cultural and traits

— Gender equality/discrimination

— Sustainability of family structure.

— New forces of globalization and liberalization

Linkage between social structure, functions , relationship and process.

The balancing factors determine either a harmonious peaceful society or a stratified status dominated by conflicts and violences

B. Acquiring peace through reforms of Societal Processes.

Adoption of "CAMP" model of development which is based on peace process to reform the society.

Establishing linkage between structure , functions, relationships and processes between ecology system and social system to initiate a peace culture.

Restoration of value system in the social processes with clear perception that humans belong to one family.

The family being the foundation of the society be reinforced to eliminate all kinds of perversion of the mind.

In the family a culture to be adopted to respect the dignity of every person and the values of peace.

Such values be taught in a family setting which lives out that self- giving love which is capable of accepting those who are different, making their needs and demands its own and allowing them to share in its own benefits.

The domestic virtues based upon profound respect for human life and dignity and practices in (a) understanding, (b) patience, (c) mutual encouragement ,(d) forgiveness to enable the society of the family to live out the first and fundamental experience of peace and transforming the family as an agent of peace.

Making of civilization of peace to be started from family which need to be imbibed with affectionate relationship, fruitful mutual solidarity accepting love not only as feeling and emotion but an intense and enduring moral force which seeks the good for others even at the cost of self sacrifice.

Imbibe the spirit of the family, as true love which always goes together with justice , so necessary for peace which will make peace a bottom- up process- individual-family-community-society-nation-world.

The technolization of society need to be promoted with human face linking to moral structure and normal functioning of natural cycles of nature.

Security, comfort and happiness need to be incorporated in the social process based on the principles of truth, order and harmony.

Human mind responses to be reformed with the impulses of societal processes which are inconformity to "conscious neural models" so that the cortex do not create a stressful condition of the body commonly known as orientation response.

Promote human relationship in the society with high level of consciousness which will sensitize the societal processes.

New economic order should address to welfare of human society on equity basis for which the society need to be restructured as meta-organism with a nervous system to control and regulate all the impulses generated at intra and inter community levels of the society.

Concept of "Sociality" which means adoption of mutual support system between families of the society so that each and every family’s needs are sustainable satisfied.

Developing social structure for building bridge of friendship and cohesiveness among the members of the society of human global family.

Self regulating processes of the new societal order be developed to establish peace between individual and the society.

Social conflict mechanism to be developed to transform conflicts to order and harmony through a peace process.

Social intuitions should be strengthened to meet the challenges of acquisition of peace through societal processes by emphasis zing the fulfillment of "needs" and not "greeds" .

Social communication and individual response of mind in the families and communities to be tuned so that the output is sustainable peace.

Thus, peace from the societal processes can be acquired by understanding the present limitations and developing a concept of reform which include ecology, family, human mind, technology and the forces of modern science.

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 Peace Technolog


Exploration of sources of peace from Political Dynamics

A. The uncertainty of evolution of political dynamics

Political Dynamics establish norms, conditions and arrangements of relationship between individuals and as members of civil association.

Political dynamics either create welfare humanistic global society or erode and destroy the cutting edge of civilization falling prey to vortex of bottomless political myths.

The forces of political dynamics have been passed through various kinds of evolutionary process from the beginning of appearance of homo sapiens in the biosphere, some of which are

— Monarchy where god was accepted as epitome of all goodness backed by religious sanctions.

— Republic as a philosophy empowering the elites to rule the states without ant responsibility towards mass of the people with loss of moral and harmony in the society.

— City-state advocating politics as a branch of biology and ethics with four broad principles

Balance development of body and mind

Ability for rational thinking

Recognizing limitations of mind and power to overcome the same

Confidence building and self-control

However all these idealistic concepts failed due to non availability of opportunity to a large portion of population

The process of politics is greatly influenced by perception of life, aspiration, behaviour, mind power to generate thought, emotion and finally the will to apply all these determinants in the society.

Creation of peace, conservation of life and preservation of the state were three objectives dominated in political thought.

Concept of individualism , free competition and free market with wealth as “Honour” was given new philosophical sanction in 17th century. It comprise

Scientific humanism

System of control between rulers and the people

Moralistic political process with a call to revive religious groups and conscience for fulfillment of natural law adapted to society – universal harmony was key to this concept.

In 18th century there is increase connectivity between cultural and political right of self-determination . It contributed to

Moralistic sanction to a constitutional commonwealth

Intergenerational equity for “orderly liberty”

Linkage of politics with religion, literature maintaining ethos of the past and keeping in view changing consciousness of mankind.

Concept of “general will” was the basis for socio-democratic welfare state.

In the 19th, 20th and beginning of 21st century, super- technology and super- speed shaped the political forces determining new framework for rulers and ruled comprising

Concept of “greater happiness of the greater number” evoked by utilitarian culture and reared by reason and law.

Free choice of individuals and interplay of market forces.

Laisser-faire economic policy to achieve social harmony.

Empowerment of women in decision making processes.

Minimization of misuse of power by undertaking extensive democracy power.

Religious of humanity conceived through convergence of spirit, science and trade options.

Industrialization and information revolution.

Conflicts between nations basing on ideology of different civilization culture.

Class consciousness with the objective of supporting the poor and deprived class.

Culture of materialism and increased productivity without considering the regenerative powers of environmental resources.

Prosperity and misery of people grew simultaneously

Fanaticism and religious fundamentalism.

Increase in mercenary culture.

Increased political fruitless dialogues

Destabilization of foundation of civil society with brutal instinct of “anyone can kill any where”.

Intolerance, inequity, hatred , jealousy between political philosophiesincreased.

Dehumanizing cult and culture making a beginning of process of globalization and liberation.

With all values of arbitrariness ancient to modern political thought, the humanity entered 21st century with

Outbreak of global terrorism symbolic of pathological frenzy (September 11 , 2001)

A beginning of new war of terrorism with realignment of political thought and process which is characterized by domination and oppression of developed nations / society/ community over undeveloped / poor ones.

Psychological warfare where mind’s destructive power revolutionalise the technology of war.

Evil forces of ethnic culture evolved

B. Acquiring Peace through Political Dynamics.

Realign the forces of political dynamics in terms of ethnic, religious, ideological, territorial and civilization of disputes with the only objective of promoting a peace culture adopting humanitarianism concept.

Desire to live with necessary things of life to free from violent wage of self expression and self development

True spirit of morality, justice and democracy be inbuilt to political thought and action to create a peaceful society.

Vested interest of political party / men be replaced with common good of law, peace , order, harmony and happiness.

Restructuring political dynamics keeping in view the principles of humanitarianism and biosphereism.

Develop intellectual and emotional foundation of political systems to ensure security, comfort (with a sense of enough ness) and happiness to all members of human family.

Recognize that the only objective of political dynamics is to take cognizance of prime source of creativity as “sustainable peace” .

Discard the desire to gain power at the cost of moral depression .

Political dynamics to recognize “Peace” as objective and not subjective and application of appropriate technology of peace to seven sources of peace
identified in a holistic manner.

Political thoughts to be wedded to “peace”, limiting the violent forces of utilitarianism so that sense of enough ness develops limiting production of destructive weapons and biological war fares, improving the stability of the state and elimination of power and production related conflicts.

Challenge to meet the invisible enemy of the new war of “terrorism” through political process that emphasize

preserving terrorism “as intra-mind psychological battle between reptile, mammalian, and neocortex of brain – mind and entity , developing killer’s instinct for self – destruction to annihilate others”.

Erasing from mind hatred, religious fanaticism, ideological intolerance, territory acquisition and desire to dominate over others etc.

Converging moral and material power proactively to stop eruption of violent responses of the mind.

Political philosophy to adopt “one ness” of human family in conformity with universal laws.

Promotion of global cooperation and amity , human values and rights linked to social, economic, cultural, technological, and environmental factors.

Promotion of exchange of values , culture, intellect and emotion, technology etc between nations for beneficial mutuality.

Recognizing terrorism is in specific war against peace to unleash a general reign of incendiaries and anarchy to spread dissent and to destroy peace and progress, basing on which the political dynamics need to be innovatively

New political thoughts to acquire sustainable peace by unanimously adoption by humanity the newly coined words namely “mind mending” and “mind bending” operations.

Mind mending is a process of

Reducing response of reptile mind by designing scientific, philosophical, psychological and environmental measures.

Reform of neuron anatomical structure of man for self – enrichment and not for self-destruction - a process to begin from the neural plate formation in the mother’s womb.

Sensitization programme be initiated with articulation of intellect and emotion for providing security and peace the humanity.

Strengthening the bond of social orders and one ness of human society.

Mind bending the accepted as a short term approach to inflict psychological, social, economic, physical, intellectual and cultural injury so that consciousness is developed to discard the path of violent and self
projection and adopt path of peace in the political dynamics.

Effective political leadership to adopt ethical behaviour linked to integrity – developing “Ergo” , an individual’s fundamental character as the first and foremost indicator as one’s ability to holed and sustained positions in political / other professional leadership.

Peace building be adopted as the prime need of political dynamics.

Networking of political dynamics to develop comprehensive package of inter faith commitment to dialogue and cooperation, capacity building of political process / personnel to acquire knowledge and skills in peace building process.

Political dynamics be committed to integration of ideas derived from seven sources of peace need to be articulated to create responses for security, comfort (with a sense of enough ness and happiness) linked to truth, order and harmony.

Thus, political dynamics is the most powerful vehicle to promote and spread conducive relationship between the rulers and the ruled, which only should be based on the principles of exploring sustainable peace objectively from the sources of peace identified. Only then the saga of humanity in the biosphere will continue in harmony with universal laws.

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Peace Technology


Convergence of ideas explored from seven sources of peace for application to acquire sustainable peace


It is high time for the humanity to realize that only "Development of Peace Consciousness" will ensure sustainability of the most intelligent species "the homo sapiens" in the biosphere – the more the delay for realization of this truth, the more faster will be the time for wiping them out from the mother earth.

From the beginning till date "Peace" is a word to play about with lack of serious concern and always taken as a routine word to be talked about only after violence / wars / terrorism / crime etc.

The culture of human greed which fully now occupy the human mind – brain space is gradually leading to slow death of human civilization.

Conventional ways of thinking and acting on peace based on religion, philosophy, materialism, and "peace after violence" have not blessed the humanity with sustainable peace culture.

Thus the need of the day is to develop new and innovative ideas which has the capacity to be imprinted in human minds for a peaceful human civilization

This ideas is Peace Technology derived

Through convergence of "science" and "spirituality"


B. Peace Technology is a humanized technology

To generate psychic energy in three integrative forms of material and non-material consciousness force of

Techniques and intelligence of natural philosophical process of convergence of responses of collective minds.

Eternity of Truth, Order and Harmony

Determining level of and preferential order as Security , Comfort and Happiness within the framework of biosphereism and humanitarianism.

The seven sources of peace have been explored which should be applied in a holistic manner for acquiring sustainable peace at inner , domestic and global level.

Convergence of science and spirituality for developing peace culture will create a new world order with

Recognition of time, space and gender as functions of healing, purifying and unifying through adoption of 28 days 13 months moon civil calendar.

Establishment of ethical man – woman relationship without any vulgarity.

Equitable and efficient distribution of resources of biosphere to produce goods and services to satisfy the needs (not the greeds) of all members of human family through developing an efficient "World’s healthy brain".

Designing and regulations of impulses to human mind to erase anger, hatred, jealousy, intolerance, role conflicts , disequilibrium etc to heighten his consciousness to be at peace at inner –self and respond peacefully to materialize the concept of sustainable peace of humanity.

Direct linkage of human behaviour with wisdom (harmonics) to develop an art of living an capacity to survive in the natural world by recognizing the intimate relationship between "spiriton" and atom .

Sustainable development through peace and sustainable peace through development by adopting "CAMP" model of development.

Reform of societal process through infusing positive inputs from ecology, family, mind, technology and the process of modernization.

Establishment of orderly and harmonious relationship between rulers and ruled with appropriate techniques of political dynamics for creation of moralistic sanction to a constitutional common wealth of humans with intergenerational equity for "orderly liberty" evolving peace from grass roots to global level.

C. Application of Principles of Peace Technology.

Application of Peace Technology has to begin with education for peace to be spread from the child in the mother’s womb till the graveyard.

Fill the heart and mind space of every individual of a family with inner peace and transform the environment of the family into a peaceful zone.

Peace education has to be incorporated from primary to highest level of education in schools , colleges and universities.

Curriculum of peace technology to be designed with convergence of philosophical , religious, spiritual , material , scientific and technological contents simultaneously promoting anti-violent education.

All human activities be channelized through development models incorporating peace as an integral component.

Discarding "creative destruction" and promoting "creative construction" in the thought process and in the domain of human activities.

Concept of "spirit on " and "atom" be applied in the design of all kinds of human activity.

Capacity building process for peace should be a continuous process which should find place in things , places, information and organization so that throughout the life one is exposed to values of peace enabling him to eliminate the forces of violence.

Techniques of accessing to the sub-conscious and un-conscious mind be practiced by the humanity to translate the ideas generated in the concept of Peace Technology into ground realties.

Intra and inter societies / nations activities are to articulated to produce goods, services , relationships and experience to satisfy the needs of the humans keeping in view the ultimate achievement of peace applying the principle of Peace Technology.

Thus, Peace Technology management revolves round creation and convergence of ideas from sources of peace and diffusion of ideas in the society with strong will and determination of leaders from global to grass roots level and also an average man’s commitment to this dynamics concept , so that integral trend of our existence interacting with Nature and value system continue peacefully for eternity.


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