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Session 6


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  Session 6 - Domestic Peace 
'World Peace Begins At Home'
Walt Whitman (1819-1892)

"Peace is always beautiful."
The Sleepers. 7.


dvribbon.jpg  Domestic Peace

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Revised 10/10/2005...

We have come to the middle section of our workshop and we hope you will help us as much as you can and with the time you may have available.  Some are very interested in becoming court advocates for victims of domestic violence.  We can help with some direction on that. In fact, we have a PeaceClinic member, Valerie, who is about to earn her certificate as a public advocate. I believe Tanya Brown has already achieve the same.

Some others may want to write articles and lecture to groups about DV prevention and survival.  The PeaceClinic believes that world peace, all peace begins at home, in our hearts. Peace should be a gift from our parents. Often it is not there.

This week I hope we can explore concepts for domestic peace and some of your person priorities for building peace and teaching peace. Personally, I am into the intervention process. I have a couple of local friends who can't seem to pull themselves out of codependant situations. Both families consume a lot of alcohol. This is my own priority at the moment. 

How have our perceptions of domestic violence changed since we were children, teens, or young adults.  DV was a dirty little secret people tried to hide as if hiding would make it disappear! When has that ever worked? 

As you look around the PeaceClinic website, you will have questions and many suggestion for things we could there that would serve people who need to get out of violent home situations. 

Now that we know how to research the subject of inner peace and personal serenity, we can barely understand why some people find living in chaos and violence acceptable. We long for peace of mind, happiness, and joy. We wish to share our joy with the rest of the world. (Judging by the quality of the posts at our private e-group, most of could write articles and books based on personal experiences.)  The topics under Inner Peace naturally flow into domestic peace issues. 

I had an idea of my own today. How about putting love messages for mommy and daddy on the tags on baby toys and clothing? I am surprised Martha hasn't done that with her signature brand of sheets and towels!  A public service announcement to avoid domestic violence if they want to have happy healthy children. 

~ Chloe Joquel Freeland, Founder and Director, The PeaceClinic

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[Session 5]    This is Session 6     [Session 7]


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