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Session 4

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  Session 4 - Inner Peace  
Samuel Butler (1612-1680)

"There 's but the twinkling of a star
Between a man of peace and war."

Hudibras. Part ii. Canto iii. Line 957.


Applied  Peace Technology & School for Peace Technology
Please see the letter below the topics list, from Prof. Fani Bhusan Das, India Chapter Director, founder of the School for Peace Technology, and author of the book, Peace Technology.
Chuck Collis, workshop participant, has found a couple good resources that address the self defense issues.
The Serenity Prayer

God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.

Living one day at a time;
Enjoying one moment at a time;
Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace;
Taking, as He did, this sinful world
as it is, not as I would have it;
Trusting that He will make all things right
if I surrender to His Will;
That I may be reasonably happy in this life
and supremely happy with Him
Forever in the next.

--Reinhold Niebuhr


Continuing exploration of suggested topics for Inner Peace

Ways People Grow:  Self Knowledge, Personal Growth 
Meditation:  Keys to the Self and the Universe
Compassion:  Love 
Serenity:  Inner Peace Practiced - Serenity Prayer
Freedom:  Manage Your Life or Someone Else Will 
Joy:  Finding You Bliss
Personal Safety:  Being Observant,
Self Defense:  Martial Arts
Survival Skills:  Organizing and Strategizing
Healing Help:  Living One Day At A Time, Seeking Peace
Anger Management:  Underlying Pain
Life Coaching:  Matrix For Change,
Volunteering:  Learning from Others 

This is the time to speak up to let us know what your personal interests are in the area of Inner Peace attainment. 

Please post about your interests and share things that have guided you along to recovery from hurts and frustrations.  Who or what has made a major difference in your life.  Was it a book, a nice teacher, a psychologist, a relative or friend, dreams, or a vision from God?


'World Peace Begins At Home'

Below is a piece by Fani Das.  After you read this, please imagine how personal inner peace can influence the bio-sphere that he writes about.  Remember our little motto, World Peace Begins At Home.


~ Chloe Joquel Freeland, Founder and Director, The PeaceClinic

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Holistic package of Biosphere and Human Peace

By Prof. Fani Bhusan Das

It is time that we tell the people of the world the importance of Biosphere Peace considering together the most recent fury of biosphere in the form of "Katrina" and "Rita". Rita was the second powerful hurricane to strike the Gulf Coast following Katrina which devastated south eastern Louisiana and Mississippi, killing at least 1069 people.

Who is responsible for such destruction? We the humans when we are distancing ourselves from Mother Nature and thus polluting our minds with permanent imprint of "Money and Matter is not enough", and "Time is Money". The absence of such "Sense of enough ness" psychic of humanity is destroying Biosphere Peace spewing large scale destructions like Tsunami , Katrina, Rita, Global Warming, Flood, Earthquake and other natural calamities.

In order to overcome such a serious destruction process there is need of change of mind set from "Mind over Matter" to "Mind over Peace" – as peace is a holistic product of matter " Security, Comfort with a sense of enoughness and Happiness and non-matter "Truth, order, harmony".With only such change of mind set it will possible to meet the requirements of determinants of human prosperity through peaceful means with the instrument of peace exploring the resources of planet earth. This is the only option available to us to establish biosphere peace which will enable us to acquire inner, domestic an global peace.

Now it is high time to urge upon the humanity to change their mind set to behave properly with Mother Nature with the sole objective of extracting resources on the basis of equity and sustainability for satisfying the basic needs of all people living and will be living in the world. Let us innovate technology from our mind power so that the extraction of resources of nature and products there of complement each other and in the process improve and enrich the regeneration capacity of the resources of the biosphere. Only then the biosphere violence will be replaced by biosphere peace from which human peace will emerge.

Our mind set now must accept the above concept as biosphere and human peace are two sides of one coin. I have deliberated this in my book of "Peace Technology" which some people have termed as "Ahead of time technology". The time is right now to apply this ahead of time technology so that in one storm the humans can kill two enemies which are biosphere violence and human violence enabling them to gradually march towards a holistic package of Biosphere and human peace.

Please tell this to humans all over the world so that they become conscious of the concept of Holistic package of Biosphere and Human Peace and apply the techniques of Peace Technology to acquire both Biosphere and Human Peace.

Let PeaceClinic take the lead at this juncture of critical time of the humanity so that all of us continue our existence in the Mother Earth.

With Peace,

Prof. Fani Bhusan Das
PeaceClinic India Chapter Director
Author, Peace Technology,
Founder, School For Peace Technology, Orissa, India



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