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Session 5

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  Session 5 - Inner Peace

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men."
Bible, Luke ii. 14.


'World Peace Begins At Home'
Applied  Peace Technology & School for Peace Technology
Continuing topics for Inner Peace

Ways People Grow:  Self Knowledge, Personal Growth 
Meditation:  Keys to the Self and the Universe
Compassion:  Love 
Serenity:  Inner Peace Practiced - Serenity Prayer
Freedom:  Manage Your Life or Someone Else Will 
Joy:  Finding You Bliss
Personal Safety:  Being Observant,
Self Defense:  Martial Arts
Survival Skills:  Organizing and Strategizing
Healing Help:  Living One Day At A Time, Seeking Peace
Anger Management:  Underlying Pain
Life Coaching:  Matrix For Change,
Volunteering:  Learning from Others 

Please post about your interests and share things that have guided you along to recovery from hurts and frustrations.  Who or what has made a major difference in your life.  Was it a book, a nice teacher, a psychologist, a relative or friend, dreams, or a vision from God?


revised 10/10/2005...

'World Peace Begins At Home'

Exponential Force of Paying It Forward

An estimated 30,000+ humans died yesterday during one of the largest recorded earthquakes along the Himalaya fault. We attended a workshop on Peace Technology. We saw the TV newsclips about the people trapped in the rubble of the schools, offices, and hotels in Northern Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. It boggles the mind since we just suffered the loss of tens of thousands during the tsunami, quakes and hurricane floods. All of those souls have joined the millions who have died in wars and from starvation as in Africa.

It is just too hard to think about all the destruction.

I thank my creator that I am still here to be thinking about anything at all. This workshop is headed through a series of lighted tunnels on the way to some deep caves of information about the nature of world peace. We have had to alot some special time just for dialogues about Inner Peace, personal serenity. Some of us are digging our lives out from under the rubble of disasterous childhoods racked with abuse and neglect.  We have had to ignore the radio and the television world of consumer enticements for just a little while this month in order to concentrate on the nature of peace. Now it is time to move into other rooms and understand how as Peace Practitioners we could actually change lives and even save lives from domestic violence, neglect, and abuse. The small, the weak, the helpless may be old or young. It is up to use to see through the blaring noise of television and radio and print commercials to recognize our humanity. We have been bludgeoned into accepting a world of apathetic neighbors and nations. This is not acceptable.

Now we can no longer accept a world without peace.

We know that we must become peace and be peace from this point on if we are to progress spiritually. There is no going back.  We can now focus on spiritual growth as it pertains to our domestic lives and larger communities. Peace is only possible if we extend the peace vibration outward into our families and communities. Let's go. Let's Pay It Forward

Help someone today. Alot some time every day, every week, every month for helping someone who needs help and does not expect it.  Help three people and ask them to help three other people.  That's the way Paying It Forward works! 


[Session 4]    This is Session 5     [Session 6]


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