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Session 3

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 Session 3 - Inner Peace  
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

"Nothing can bring you peace but yourself."
Essays. First Series. Self-Reliance.


What is Applied Peace Technology?

Applied Peace Technology is relatively new.  If you do a Google search for it, you will not find much.  There is nothing under Google News.  There a photos under Google Images.  You would need to check into the PeaceClinic site to learn about Peace Technology.  Prof. Fani Bhusan Das, of Orissa India, has written a book, Peace Technology, and built the School for Peace Technology in India. Techniques include a system of meditation that can lead to a transformation of world consciousness.

If you believe in the power of millions of souls praying at the same time for the same goal of saving someone's life, you will appreciate how our thoughts and prayers and meditations can influence others any place on the globe. I have witnessed this as I participated in a group concentration of thought form energy.

We will address these things over the next few weeks. Our Applied Peace Technology workshops will introduce you to ways you can help yourself and others by becoming a Peace Practitioner at any time in your life where you feel your wisdom is needed. Eventually you will be able to hold workshops of your own and recommend certification for your own students and workshop participants.

Unlike some organizations and private practice psychologists, The Peace Clinic aims to give away what we have learned that is useful in turning chaotic lives into peaceful lives. Some of our resources are copyright protected and others are volunteered. Most of what the PC has to offer is free. We have simply tried to organized and synthesize some systems, programs, and educational resources we have found to be valuable for Peace Practitioners. Literally, you can say you are a peace teacher or peace practitioner if you think you are. If your life has room for helping people to help other people, you will be making a difference in individual lives and in the world community.

Now let's explore some of the things on the suggested topics list for Inner Peace.

Ways People Grow:  Self Knowledge, Personal Growth 

Meditation:  Keys to the Self and the Universe

Compassion:  Love 

Serenity:  Inner Peace Practiced 

Freedom:  Manage Your Life or Someone Else Will 

Joy:  Finding You Bliss

Personal Safety:  Being Observant,

Survival Skills:  Organizing and Strategizing

Self Defense:  Martial Arts

Healing Help:  Living One Day At A Time, Seeking Peace

Anger Management:  Underlying Pain

Life Coaching:  Matrix For Change,

Volunteering:  Learning from Others 

This is the time to speak up to let us know what your personal interests are in the area of Inner Peace attainment. 

Please post about your interests and share things that have guided you along to recovery from hurts and frustrations.  Who or what has made a major difference in your life.  Was it a book, a nice teacher, a psychologist, a relative or friend, dreams, or a vision from God?

~ Chloe Joquel Freeland, Founder and Director, The PeaceClinic

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