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Friends of the Philosophical Research Society


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 Friends of the
Philosophical Research Society

(Philosophy - Religion - Science)



Watch for your creative solutions to be posted here.

  • Please tell eveyone you know about the current state of the PRS.
  • The PRS is not the UPR. The PRS should remain open to the public.
  • Manly Hall was a peace teacher and wanted to share, not withhold his teachings or the beautiful collected manuscripts, rare books, and art.

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Recent Suggestions from our Friends of the PRS

1.  Hold a protest walk around the PFS property on weekends when lectures are scheduled. Circulate flyers there.

2.  Master of the Mysteries: If you do not like the Shahagun biography of Manly Hall, we can write a much better biography and publish for the Friends of the PRS.

3.  Write letters to the editor of the Los Angeles Times commenting on Shahagun's book that downgrades Manly and everthing he did for humanity.

4.   Publish letters from people who really knew him as a kind and enlightened soul?

5.  Complain to Harris.  Write thousands of letters of protest about his plans to liquidate the PRS property and assets.

6.  Start a campaign to bannish the current president of the PRS and elect new corporate officers for the nonprofit entity.

7Write to everyone we know who is interested in metaphysics, occult, antiquities, libraries, comparative religion, philosophy, parapsychology and find the people who have benefited from the PRS library and from Manly Hall's teachings.  

8. Conference Call Meetings.  Travel is expensive.

9. Sign up for and call the world for free! 

10. Your Solutions


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