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Friends of the Philosophical Research Society

Hijacker Warning!

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Hijacker Warning!
  Friends of the
Philosophical Research Society
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On 12-22-2011 our Facebook page for Friends of Philosophical Research was hijacked by Jose Antonio Ayasta Nassif from Lima, Peru.

Mr. Nassif, of an Arab family had been appointed co-host for our community. He has kicked out the creator of the site and banned hundreds of followers in this fellowship.

We had to open a whole new Facebook page to accomodate those who were thrown away by this traitor.

If you know Mr. Nassif from one of his dozens of fraternal organization please contact us and Facebook systems administrators who will perform discipline for Internet crime and deception activies.

You can Google search his name and see what other forums and chat rooms that we have found where he posts his lies.

Thank you.


This site, sponsored by the PeaceClinic Institute that uses Manly Hall's works in the Peace Practitioner Workshops, has been created by PCI Founder, Chloe Joquel, a student of metaphysics and friend to all others who seek information on ancient knowledge.
Our Facebook page has been hijacked.
* * *
Friends of the Philosophical Research Society:  Why we are here...


To reinstate the original goals set forth by
the PRS.

Please join us by becoming active in carrying on
this great tradition.

To keep the building from being sold
and the library available to the Public.

To establish a publicly elected Board of Directors
to manage the PRS.


Since the passing of Manly P. Hall in 1991 the PRS has:

  • Attempted sale of the property, which would allow
    the library to be transferred to an unspecified locale
  • Discontinued weeday and weekend classes
  • Reduced bookstore inventory and stock
  • Reduced the board of directors size from twelve to
    three members (two of whom do not maintain
    residences in Los Angeles)
  • Established a university, that does not include
    Manly Hall in the curriculum, by utilizing the
    assets of the the PRS.  Although we support the establishment of the university, it cannot be
    at the expense of the original intent and purpose
    of the PRS.


If you wish to help, share ideas and concerns or just be kept informed of the latest news, send us e-mail:

Visit our blogsite:

You are also invited to join in at the forum/message board:  PRS Forum (open for public discussion) 

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Support the Friends of the Philosophical Research Society
If you would like to help the Friends of the PRS with financial donations, please contact.
Oceanside, CA -- Chloe Joquel

This site courtesy of the Friends of the PRS, Oceanside, CA