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Friends of the Philosophical Research Society


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Friends of the
Philosophical Research Society

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This email group forum hosted by is moderated and your contributions to our knowledge base about the PRS, Manly P. Hall, and those associated with either are welcome. 
Positive non destructive comments will be untouched. Negative, vulgar destructive comments will be deleted as will all advertising.  You may include links to nonprofit organizations and to bookstores where Dr. Hall's books and recordings are sold.
We hope you enjoy this new forum and encourage you to tell your friends around the world about it.  Right now the Friends or the PRS official group meets monthly at a bookstore in the Hollywood, CA area.  The address will be posted at the forum's Web site.
Thank you in advance,
Chloe Joquel Freeland, Friend of the PRS,
 Founder, the PeaceClinic Institute

This site courtesy of the Friends of the PRS, Oceanside, CA