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Creative Coaching Institute

Published Books & Articles

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Published Works
Books and Articles
Magazine Articles:
o  New Perspectives: A Journal of Conscious Living,
    Hemet, CA (2009)
   'Manly P. Hall’s PRS is in Trouble - It’s Now or Never!'

o  Author House, IL (2005)
    Author of the Forward for the book,
    Peace Technology, by Fani B. Das, Professor Emeritis 
o  Grolier, Inc., NYC (1968-1970)
    'Reference Books: Keys To Knowledge' 
    'Nobel Prize Winners' 
    'The Art of Collage'
    'Creativity In Art and Science'

o  Quest Magazine (1973-1974)
    'Chivalric Orders', co-author, Arthur Joquel
    A Case For God', co-author, Arthur Joquel
o  PeaceClinic Institute for Conscious Research
    Pearls of Peace: Rx for Peace Consciousness, (being edited)

    Oceans of Peace, 2001
    Relaxing With The Bear,1996


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