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PeaceClinic Institute for Consciousness Research (PCICR)


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   Join the PeaceClinic Network Today!        
All memberships and sponsorships will help the PeaceClinic grow and expand ideas of peace, freedom, victim's rescue and support throughout the United States and the World.
Please read the Letter from our Founding Director
located at the end of this page. Thank you for your support!


    Membership Benefits                  

  1. Free Listing on Members Pages
  2. Free Link to Your Home Site
  3. Free PeaceClinic Link & Logo for Your Site
  4. Discounts on All PeaceClinic Publications
  5. Invitations to Peace / Anti-Domestic Violence Events
  6. Subscription to the Peacebear's mail-list
  7. Networking for Peace Discussion Group
  8. Certificate of Membership in the PeaceClinic
  9. PeaceClinic Chapter Director Opportunities
  10. Entry into Essay & Photo Contests
  11. PeaceBook Project (submissions subject to Editor's approval)
  12. PeaceNet Newsletter contributions published

     Annual Membership Dues     
  • $12  - Family or Individual  (WAIVED)
  • $10  - Sponsor a Friend  (WAIVED)
  • $09  - Groups of 10 Friends  (WAIVED)

     Annual Sponsorships Benefits      


(Corporations, Foundations, Organizations)

  • Banner, Icon or Logo placed on a PeaceClinic web page.
  • Corporate Sponsorship Directory listing on PeaceClinic site
  • Networking among international anti-violence organizations
  • Corporate Employee Workshops -FREE of charge when available
  • PeaceNet Newsletter - Sponsor's page updates
  • International recognition as a supporter of non-violence everywhere

Support Levels for our Angels

  • Infinity Angels          ($100,000 and beyond)
  • Jupiter Angels          ($50,000 to $100,000)
  • Diamond Angels       ($10,000 to $50,000)
  • Platinum Angels       ($1,000 to $10,000)
  • Gold Angels             ($50 to $1,000)
Dear Friends and Supporting Angels,
The PeaceClinic is moving steadily towards the goal of becoming a California Nonprofit Foundation and achieving the IRS status of a 501(c)(3) organization. All gifts and contributions given prior to IRS nonprofit exemption status will be tax deductible retroactively 18 months prior to the IRS' granting of tax free status for the PeaceClinic. Thank you to all our friends for your donations of time, money, equipment and friendship. 
Chloe Joquel
Founding Director of The PeaceClinic


 The Campaign to Endow the PeaceClinic  

Supporters of the PeaceClinic feel that the PeaceClinic must be able to meet new opportunities as they arise in the future. To ensure its long-term ability to continue to strive for peace, freedom, and justice, the PeaceClinic has begun a campaign that will significantly enhance its endowment. The goal is $1.5 million. To learn more about the Campaign, please write an email note to Chloe Joquel at

Thank you for your contributions.

All financial contributions will be documented with a tax-deductible receipt. Our 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status will be accomplished as soon as possible. If you would like to apply for a position on the PeaceClinic's Board of Directors or Board of Advisors, please write an email note to Chloe Joquel at

    Join the PeaceClinic Network Today!      

PeaceClinic programs  are making a difference!
The PeaceClinic Institute is a non-political, non-religious, non-sectarian and privately funded educational organization.

Copyright  2001-2014  PeaceClinic Institute for Consciousness Research. All Rights Reserved by Chloe Joquel Freeland, Founder and Director.