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PeaceClinic Institute for Consciousness Research (PCICR)

Rich Freeland - Peace Star Award 2005

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Richie From The Fifties Playing and Singing Live!
Rich Freeland (1939 - 2005)
OCEANSIDE, CA -  05-16-05
Rich Freeland, the PeaceClinic's First Volunteer, lost his battle with cancer on April 22, 2005.  His legacy of healing by music and laughter will live on as we carry on his vision for the PeaceClinic. He was a very compassionate man who's family and friends will miss him and his music. He loved to sing and play his accoustic guitar for an audience of friends, nursing home residents and several beach club patrons from San Diego to Oceanside, to Dana Point, CA.  Rich was awarded the PeaceClinic Peace Prize 2005

Richie From The Fifties passed away at his home with his wife, Chloe, beside him. The family wishes to thank all the nurses and doctors from Elizabeth Hospice, Escondido, CA, for assisting his passage as they made sure he was pain free and peaceful. Rich's family plans to lay his ashes in a place that is emotionally warm and spiritually uplifting. The location will remain private.

Love to Our Families:   My heart is so full of love for them that I feel like I might break. Special thanks to my brother, Chuck in Arizona, Rich's brother Steve Freeland and his sweet wife Mary Freeland in Colorado. Thanks to Rich's daughter Tiffany Todaro in California for all your cheerful phone calls over the last year.  I thank you, dear family, for your emotional support and your financial support without which I could not have given Rich the very best care possible.  I'm going to make it, and doing it for the love of all of you. My love and prayers to each of you.

There are so many people we would like to thank for cards and letters, emails, phone calls, visits and donations to the cause.

Susan Moore, PeaceClinic Eastern Regional Chapter Director: Susan has literally supported Rich and Chloe with her prayers, sweet cheerful cards and several large donation checks from her family. She willingly took on extra responsibilies when I was unable to do much more than help Rich with his daily breathing therapies. Thank you, Susan, Mary, and Lauren. I would have never made it without your help. Please pray for these angels in Tennessee...they have comforted me and kept me from losing my mind ever since they heard about our battle with cancer.

Gladys, 'ninedogs' of Puerto Rico: Oh Gladys, you are a total joy. Thank you for your sweet offers to let us visit you in PR and soak up your laughing spirit. You have been a joy to know. Your supportive emails and cards really lifted me up on our bad days of therapy. Rich thought you were very special. PS...he did respond to all the music CDs. Please, folks, pray for Gladys as she is hurting physically and financially. Send her any help you can manage. Contact Susan Moore for here contact information. Love to you, Gladys.

Professor Fani Bhusan Das, India Chapter Director, Orissa, India: Thank you for your continuous prayers and meditation on behalf of Rich Freeland and the cause of peace everywhere. You have lifted me up to a level of spiritual grace that I have never before known.  Your wonderful book, Peace Technology, along with your School for Peace Technology in India, compliment the PeaceClinic's vision for world peace. Fani Das found us as he searched for organizations that would accept his three fold approach to peace education. Please welcome him to our family. Prof. Das has suffered the lose of his dear wife recently. He has dedicated his courageous life now to changing our violent world into a peaceful place to live. Pray for him and help him.

Kerry Museus, Midwestern Regional Chapter Director in MN: Thank you for your continuous service to the PeaceClinic and your moral support for us during this horrific challenge we have faced as we fought the cancer.  Bless you for your intitiative regarding your workshops on domestic violence offered to employees where you work. Thank you too for your many supportive calls and emails and for your donation to our survival fund. Pray for her as she is growing in the world of peace education. Her whole family lives in peace.

Wendy Watters, Southwestern Regional Chapter Director in AZ:
Thank you for your explorations in Anthropology and for helping us make some of our communications systems more useful. You are a very resourceful person and a wonderful role model for your young daughter who we hope will grow up working for peace too. We would not be complete without you. Please pray for Wendy as she is trying to complete her university studies while raising a daughter and working with her parents at the Yonose Foundation.

There are dozens of folks who are not a part of the PeaceClinic's exective team who have kept their faith in us throughout Rich's dreadful fight against cancer. Many of them had never met him or me. They were known to us via our associations with other peace education organizations and message boards.  I wish you love and peace always.

Dr. Rappaport, D.M.D., Carlsbad, CA:
Rich and Chloe learned in October 2004 that Dr. Paul Rappaport, D.M.D., of Carlsbad, CA, had made Rich's necessary pre chemo/radiation dental work possible. Thanks to Dr. Rappaport for doing the gum cleaning and fillings so the chemo and radiation treatments could be completed. I want to thank you for helping Rich get started with his chemo and radiation treatments. Your compassionate donation will never be forgotten.
Patty Aguilera, Pharm.D., Pharmacy Manager, Longs Drugs, Oceanside, CA., set up a Seniors Advantage membership that will gave Rich the ability to purchase his antibiotics and pain killing medications at a discount. Thank you, Patty.  You are in our thoughts everyday and I will never forget how you made our lives more bearable by speed processing some of our urgent orders for pain medications.

Arlene L, friend of the Flock of Angels and the Nicole Brown Foundation. Bless you and your husband who is also undergoing cancer treatment too.  I encourage all who know us to remember Arlene and her husband in your daily prayers. They need all the love and support we can give them. Thank you for your very generous donation check that I received this afternoon. It will help to get me back on my feet by paying some on our electric bill. Arlene, what you did this week, sending news of our financial distress to the local news media was a most outstanding and loving gesture. I think it helped. Bless you.  What can I do for you and your sweetheart husband?

Jimi James Harris (Message Mon), founder of the Flock of Angels and big time volunteer for the Nicole Brown Charitable Foundation, CA. Thank you for letting me work with the Flock and the Memorial Season projects. It is one of the best associations I have ever known. Jimi, thanks for being there on the phone when I was half out of my mind with grief even before Rich lost the cruel battle with cancer. Jimi lost his mom, his Joy, recently. Please pray for him and his Flock of Angels.  Jimi James, your music is devine. Rich thought you were a genius! He was hoping for a chance to play along or sing with you sometime. Love.

Racetrack Tom, Oceanside, CA:  Thank you for your happy phone messages to Rich that let him know his friends were waiting for him to return to the Moose. Please extend my love and Richie's love to all who have known him there. He will always have that hope with him where ever he goes.  Thank you for relaying messages and just being there for me during the dark days. Bless you, Tom. Please pray for Tom as he lives a peaceful life, one day at a time, following God's footsteps. Love you Tom.

Visitors and friends, please pray for each of them as they remain as always my angels. Because of their support, I will be able to continue my work for the PeaceClinic this year. There were days over the last couple of months when I doubted that I would ever be able to continue with the PeaceClinic. I was trying to stay cheerful for Rich, but I was crumbling inside. Thanks guys. You are all winners! There are so many more wonderful people. Rich would be very proud of all of you.  What can I do for you? 

Thank you for your prayers, donations, cards and flowers.
- Chloe Freeland, Founder of the PeaceClinic

Chloe Freeland
448 S. Canyon Dr., #6
Oceanside, CA  92054 

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