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Prof. Fani B. Das, Board of Advisors

Professor Fani Bhusan Das is the founder and director of  the World Peace Technology Institute located in Orissa, India. He is also Director of the India Chapter of the PeaceClinic Institute and a recipient of the Peace Clinic Peace Star Award 2005.  His book, Peace Technology, is now in the second printing. Prof. Das has started the Peace Technology Revolution.
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When I was a child my parents/teachers put inside my mind (which is not erasable) that “HEALTH IS WEALTH” for which “SIMPLE LIVING AND HIGH THINKING” is one of the major skills of living. But unfortunately today these valuable quotes have changed and replaced by “WEALTH IS HEALTH” and skill is “HIGH LIVING AND COMPLEX (LOW) THINKING”. This is why HEALTH AND WELLNESS REFORM today is essential.

When President Obama spells out “Comprehensive Health Reform”, I think we have to go to the roots of problems and reforms. Today Health is dealt and managed in isolation as if it has no links to all other human activities. Even, for example the role of most powerful “mind-brain” entity is not taken into account to treat sickness in any part of the body. Doctors believe and treat only as per their specialization ignoring the basic that any disease in the Body System accrues from dysfunctional part of the brain and can only be cured by making the disfunctional part of the brain functional; besides giving specialized medicines for cure.

Broadly the Body System can be divided into six groups:

  • Reproductive and Respiratory Sstems
  • Brain and Nervous System
  • Heart and Circulation System
  • Digestive System
  • Muscular System
  • Urinary System

All these systems are controlled and regulated by “brain-mind” entity. In the Reform, this should be strongly built into in any professional course of medicine and all doctors must be trained intensively to prevent disease or cure disease through healthy relationship between “Body System” and “Brain-mind” System.

Besides, the thought process, life-style, food (energy intake), relationship between parts of ‘inner self” and external environment and overall economic, social, environmental conditions greatly influence the status of Health. Today I deal with the first one briefly via the Reproductive System.

When the sperm of male fertilizes an egg of female, a human life begins. If the male sperms are inadequate and defective, the health of life in mother’s womb is adversely affected. Similarly, if the egg of the female partner is defective or rotten, the health of life still in mother’s womb becomes sick. When such a life comes out of mother’s womb, he/she becomes a sick baby. So Health reform must start from ensuring the quality of sperms and egg along with the environment within the female body and her external family and outside environment. Relationship between internal body of female, family, nutrition, conducive environment to give birth to both mentally and physical healthy life are to be carefully managed so that healthy lives in true spirit dominate the human population in the world. All the disorders of the reproductive system should be removed through planning and health reform. We have to eliminate all male reproductive problems, female reproductive problems and blocked fallopian tubes and Hormone imbalances through initiating appropriate reforms for production of healthy lives. If the reform is able to take care of this, subsequent health problems when the baby is grown up will be minimized. The quotes “Health is wealth” and the skill “simple living, high thinking” are more relevant in today’s unhealthy world.

The chief objective of Health care Reform should revolve around the objective of minimizing investment on Health sector and most importantly – “Healthy Birth of Babies”, “Healthy living style” and “Healthy Death”. Collectively all these three concepts will not only save millions of dollars for health care (which can be diverted to other priority sector of economy) but the health sector as a whole will be able to provide more productive, healthy, efficient and peaceful population who will contribute to peaceful and sustainable growth process of mankind.

In the second phase of my ideas of reform, I deal with “BRAIN and NERVOUS SYSTEM”. We must recognize that the brain is the command centre of the human body. It coordinates and controls all the bodily functions. Disorder of brain creates all kinds of body sickness. Health care Reform should create a conducive environment so that neurons not only become positively active but also proactively establish linkages in the thought process that integrates IQ, EQ and SQ. The neural plate in the brain when the baby is in the mother’s womb should be imprinted with positive impulses through healthy family relationship and not exposing the mother -to-be to negative impulses. The education system should be reformed so that SQ becomes the foundation of EQ and IQ, which will be able to make Health Care Reform more effective. Attempts should be made to create awareness in Reform program so that “MIND IS OVER MATTER” and not vice-versa. From the play school good and positive thinking should be put inside the minds of kids and not allow any kind of negative thoughts to enter the minds. Effective Advocacy program be taken up in the reform activities so that everyone develops a “SENSE OF ENOUGHNESS” for “Matter and its Products”. Building ethical relationship through positive thinking will create healthy people and communities. Mind mending exercises should be introduced from play school level and continued throughout the life until one reaches tomb.

A healthy mind will make a healthy body. Food which is the energy for the mind and the body should be produces organically without any chemicals. GMF food must be discarded so that body and mind remain healthy. The reform must emphasize sustainable food produced by natural processes along with pollution free infrastructure/ products to keep the population healthy thus minimizing the cost on health care. Use of fossil fuel should be gradually zeroed down to improve the quality of nervous system. Vulgarity, virtue and other goods which affect adversely the mind’s electromagnetic waves should not be promoted in the name of hi-technology and prosperity. All such reform ideas will make human mind as well as body more naturally constructively creative so that rapid health cost growth is minimized. As a result, the country will be able to increase its economic competitiveness in global economy.

Further as a measure of Health and Wellness care reform, family ties and relationship should be strengthened. It is desirable that the would-be mothers be allowed to function as “Home Managers” till their children become adult and during this time government may give them allowances depending on the financial condition of families. Such a step will enable the would-be mothers and mothers to give birth and rear them to become well behaved good citizens and they become assests to the country. After this transition period, the mothers may work as “Office Managers.”

The Health and Wellness Care Reforms must incorporate these ideas not only to reduce health cost/capita but will create a humanized peaceful and prosperous human community, besides bringing equilibrium between human needs and eco-resources along with strengthening the life-support systems.

Besides above, Health and Wellness care Reform must be formulated holistically and not in piecemeal manner. Brain-mind entity being the command centre of the body, heart is a vital organ where life is ignited with implant of “SPIRITON”, the fundamental particle of life (like “atom” in matter). Who implants Spiriton in heart space? Scientifically the role of sperms and egg is understood, but it is the Spiriton which is implanted in heart space by the ABSOLUTE ENERGY OF CONSCIOUSNESS ( AEC) is to be understood as the bridge of missing link about ignition of life in heart space which travels to the brain to form Neural Plate which in turn constructs all parts of the body depending on the impulses it receives from “inside” the mother’s body and from “external” environment. Health Care Reform must based on understanding of major role of “body-mind” and “heart” entity. It is usually said that if you have a good heart, you are a good man. Proactive health care reform is more effective to supplement the curative ones.

The main points for HOLISTIC HEART CARE REFORM may be considered as

(1) Ensure quality of sperms and egg in the mother’s womb. Diseased genes which may cause sickness in future life during growth process in the egg may be removed by gene therapy. This is now feasible with development of Genetic Engineering. This is a technique that can remove cancerous gene even.
(2) Ensure healthy environment and peace of mind for the mother-to be controlling both “inside” and “outside “surrounding.
(3) Ensure that only positive impulses are imprinted in neural plate by effectively designing and modulating the mother to-be environment- family, community and society relationship.
(4) Positive “thoughts” and “emotions” particles revolving around “Spiriton” with “peace consciousness” as the nucleus should be stimulated to produce a healthy and disease-free baby.
(5) Transform your negative emotion in to positive to lead a ph miracle lifestyle and Diet program with sustainable organic food only as energy intake.

(1) Breast feeding be made mandatory.
(2) Physical touch of mother and baby must be intimate and frequent.
(3) Babies should be in no case should be left to the care of baby-sitters. It is only mother, father and close relations in the family should take care of the baby.
(4) Preventive medical care like immunization etc should be administered in time. No delay be made.
(5) Safety and security measures should be made around the baby’s environment.
(6) Organic nutrition should be properly designed to feed the baby.

(1) Enhance primary health care promoting healthy bodys and minds and reducing frequency of sickness through appropriate energy intake and harmless medicinal care.
(2) Social, community, and environmental care should be integrated with health care reform.
(3) Expose the child to more natural environment than artificial man made environment.
(4) Parents especially the mothers should behave with their child as friend, philosopher and guide.
(5) One of the important reforms to be introduced to design the role of mother as “HOME MANAGER” during which time government should pay appropriate allowance to the mothers to build good and healthy citizens which will minimize health expenditure of the government. This should continue until the child becomes adult and then the mother becomes office manager”.

(1) Design safe, secured and pollution free Human Settlements for effective Health care with cost-effectiveness.
(2) Effective Hospital Management System be introduced enabling common ordinary citizen to have easy and timely access to Specialists, cutting down the waiting time.
(3) Annual health check up should be promoted for every citizen as a part of health insurance reform.
(4) Proper diagnosis in time is key to successful treatment. Time is very crucial for diagnosis for curative measures.
(5) Medicine and nutrition intake should supplement each other for quick recovery.
(6) Alternative medicine like homeopathy, Aurvedic and traditional practices etc should be promoted along with modern ones.
(7) In Medical Education a paper “service to Man is service to God” with respect to health aspect be introduced for the would be doctors to imbibe “service mentality” and to reduce “business/money making mentality”.
(8) Reconnect the child to Nature.
(9) Problems like Global Warming, climate change, deforestation etc be addressed to health oriented issues/problems.
(10) Work and leisure time should be properly balanced. Sitting before computer/work place for more than 10-12 hours per day; without an iota of doubt adversely affect the health both in short and long term basis.
(11) As a health reform strategy, leisure time must be clearly demarcated and leisure activities should be identified to maintain good health which will ultimately improve the productivity of the country as a whole. The leisure time activities like cycling, walking, physical exercises, yoga, meditation and sports related activities so that stress induced during work time is neutralized and body metabolism maintains harmony.
(12) Fast and GMF food be rejected and food cooked from naturally grown produce should be taken which will lead to energy equilibrium within the body to maintain healthy body and mind.
(13) Negative thoughts and negative environmental impulses should be blocked and not allowed to enter the mind. Positiveness should rule the life to maintain good health.

The Health Care Reforms suggested by me in three stages may not be comprehensive but are very critical to be introduced not only for effective health care but also to reduce health care cost/capita, which ultimately will reduce health budget of the country producing citizens of the country who will be highly empowered to enjoy extremely good both mental and physical health to increase productivity in all sectors — social, economic, trade, market etc as well as environmental sector. Such a HOLISTIC HEALTH & WELLNESS CARE REFORM will bring immense benefit to a country and to the Humanity as whole.

(Reprinted by Permission from the PeaceClinic Institute & Prof. F.B. Das.)

Professor Das.
In addition to his book, Peace Technology, he has founded the World Peace Technology Center in Orissa, India.
Interview: Prof. Fani B. Das on World Peace Technology

March 2008, Orissa, India

CHLOE JOQUEL: Who is Fani Das?

PROF. DAS: Fani Das is a conscious fraction of the universe attached to planet earth. I have been given the responsibility (by the “Constituents of Consciousness" which are holding various parts of the universe together) to spread the message of scientific and technological dimension of Peace linked to science of spirituality; as an absolute energy to erase the word ”violence” from the minds of 6.6 billion people of the present turbulent world. I see myself as a member of “Commonwealth of Nature” to contribute for creation of peaceful and sustainable societies, learning the lessons from universal laws and the ecosystems which have done it for billions of years. In short, I am a Peace Lover, Peace Activist, Peace Technologist and above all a Peace Teacher.

CHLOE: How did you first get the idea of working for world peace? What inspired you as an engineer to work for a peaceful society such as local or international events?

PROF. DAS: I had profound experience from strolling in the deep forest, sea and gazing at the stars, moon and sun etc in the sky where all the boundaries faded away and I belonged to a larger whole, a cosmos which is dynamic, alive and in continuous motion patterning all biotic and abiotic elements of the universe with the energy of peace. All such experience, first stimulated my mind to derive idea of working for world peace.

As an engineer, I developed different perception of engineering—a skill not only to produce objects of Matter like road, bridge, house, industry etc. but conceptualized that the objects of Matter as merely the means to achieve some higher end. I tried to link my engineering skill with it roots which is the hierarchical level of the energy pyramid, at the vortex of which is the Absolute Energy of Consciousness "AEC” and at the base of the pyramid “MATTER ENERGY ”exists which produces all kinds of Matter objects we see all around us. This further ignited my mind to take up deep study of “science and technology of consciousness” through my conceptual framework that integrates science of matter with science of spirituality having genetic, biological, technological, cognitive and social, economic and environmental attributes of life.

CHLOE: What life experience regarding personal turmoil, domestic violence, violent crime, world conflict had you had that influenced your decision to write Peace Technology?

PROF. DAS: In my path of life, I have gone through a turbulent period since my childhood. As a child, the devastation of second World War and communal violence (to which I was a victim) have been imprinted in my mind. The experience of child sexual abuse, which I had tolerated calmly also left impression in my life was also confronted with the conflict of right and wrong. In my grown up stage to date, I have become a victim of jealousy even as some right thinking people of the world appreciated my innovative ideas and actions. I have suffered and suffering by revengeful actions of those intolerant violent people who are bent upon harming me for my thought and action in conformity with the laws of universe. "Justice delayed is justice denied" has become part of my life. Realizing my role as a conscious fraction of Whole, instead of harboring any ill-feeling among such people hating me, I feel pity for them and started thinking of reforming such people throughout the world by generating positive (Cosmic) thought power and started translating the same into action to improve the quality of millions of people with peace power—thus coining the word “Peace Technology” and started writing about it as I am convinced that only through technology of peace, the violent people and the world can be reformed to adopt peace as an integral part of their life style.

CHLOE: What did you do in the beginning years of the peace technology process?

PROF. DAS: In the beginning years of peace technology process, I analyzed and meditated deeply my own life experience and linked it to knowledge I gradually derived by reading a large number of books on religion, science, energy, spirituality, ecosystems and social, economic, political and environmental status of the evolution of the world to date. Slowly and gradually alternative ideas of reform engrossed my mind. The process reconnected me to Nature which taught me about the sustainable and peaceful functional relationship between elements of universe—a system where everything is interdependent and all matter and spirit move in a complex web of life where no single variable is maximized beyond the regenerative capacity. On the other side, I see before my eyes how human beings maximized certain variables—population, resource use, consumption and trying to grow their economies indefinitely putting the planet earth and people under stress resulting in a violent world.

CHLOE: How did you happen to partner with the PeaceClinic Institute?

PROF. DAS: While searching the net, I came across a great Peace organization, The PeaceClinic Institute which is totally dedicated to the cause of peace. Further, I found that the responses of the mind of Ms.Chloe Joquel, the founder of the PeaceClinic, and myself are in the same mental wave length. And soon we became partners in world peace movement. The relationship became stronger when Chloe became the Co-founder of our global website in which every month from Dec 2006 onwards an e-communicator PEACE PATH FINDER is hosted in the site. To visit Peace Path Finder, now an independent site at has been hosted where Peace Path Finders of all the months can be accessed.

CHLOE: How did that association influence or help you as a teacher, writer, lecturer?

PROF. DAS: I am extremely grateful to the PeaceClinic for accepting me as an associate of the organization that awarded me the PeacClinic Peace Prize Star Award in 2005. I have enriched and am enriching myself on a continuous basis from the knowledge bank of PeaceClinic which has empowered me to access unfathomed depth of well of peace and thus I have built up my capacity as a peace teacher. Further now, I am in touch with people and peace organizations all over the world and have been networked with many peace institutes and organizations in different countries.

CHLOE: What does the book, Peace Technology hope to achieve for India and the world?

PROF. DAS: The ideas contained in my book, Peace Technology, hope to achieve (a) security (personal, food, livelihood, shelter and other socio-economic needs to lead a peaceful life) (b) comfort with a sense of enoughness so that each and every world citizen have easy access to basic need in a peaceful manner and not through wars and conflicts. (c) true happiness (not virtual) through objective ideas of Peace Technology and its constituents like consciousness, spirituality, morality, sharing and caring, freedom and justice etc. The technology does not recognize the artificial boundaries of the countries and the infinite power of peace is evoked to create a peaceful world without boundaries and with one human global family.

CHLOE: What is new and different about your newest book, Ideas Patterning World Peace?

PROF. DAS: My proposed book ”Ideas Patterning World Peace” is new and different from the current peace thought process of the world. The book attempts to evolve concrete ideas which can be practically implemented for a changed mind set of humanity to incorporate peace as an integral component in each and every human activity to create prosperity with peace for all without any discrimination. As the world is changing continuously, the ideas advocated in the book are eternal and can be applied today as well as ever changing world of future; generation after generation. Change is always accompanied by injury. Time management for patterning world peace will expedite the process of healing the injuries, purifying both biotic and abiotic elements of the world and ultimately unify all the processes enabling the humans to lead a life with wisdom and progressive consciousness leading to global culture of peace.

CHLOE: What support are you receiving from colleagues and society in general in India?

PROF. DAS: As I am trying to be at peace in my “inner self” and to contribute to domestic and global peace, I must be truthful. The truth is that I hardly receive any support from my colleagues and society in general in India as almost every one is running after the mirage of acquiring virtual wealth. But I am indebted to those few who can be counted in finger tips in India who have started realizing the merit and absoluteness of my ideas especially the concept of convergence of Science Of Matter with Science of Spirituality for accrual of sustainable peace.

CHLOE: What role can India have in creating peace and averting war in Asia?

PROF. DAS: India with longest civilization of 5000 years in the world can play an active role in global peace building process provided it restarts its access to knowledge and techniques of peace cultivation that is buried with heavy glamorous debris of subsequent cultures (tried to imitate foreign culture) of the country shadowed by showmanship and glorification of virtual wealth creation through the mindset that dictates to fall in line with the concept of “economies should grow indefinitely” by any cost. India should be bold enough to drift away from the present so called process of modernization and develop skill to dig out peace-building based knowledge from its conscious legacy of the past, sustainable and peaceful culture. India must be allowed to occupy its due status to effectively participate in world affairs through global empowerment process, so that it can demonstrate power of peace to avert war not only in Asia but in the world as a whole.

CHLOE: Why have all attempts at peacemaking failed so far. I am thinking of the middle east, especially Israel/Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, etc.?

PROF. DAS: It is very correct that peace making efforts have failed everywhere including Israel/Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and all other places. The crux of the problem of peace making has fallen prey to political dominance and dogmatic approach, not providing opportunity for civil societies to sow the seeds of peace. In addition, natives of the countries who took over power to rule their own people were more interested in gluing to the power at any cost instead of protecting the interest of the people. As a result people revolted and and took advantage of such internal turmoil of foreign powers that occupied the territories for hundreds of years. Such foreign powers further exploited the people and the land and grabbed the resources and utilized them for their personal interest and for the interest of their own countries. In the process, such encroacher countries became more powerful and as a result “third world” countries emerged struggling for mere survival. In course of time the local people revolt again to free themselves from foreign power. Although many countries have freed themselves from foreign clutches but due to internal conflicts, the powerful countries directly or indirectly intervened again in the internal affairs of the poor and weak countries through various forms of violent actions like war, cold war and terrorism etc.

It appears that hardly anyone is genuinely interested in peace of people. Political ideologies are changing for vested interest and silently becoming more and more violent. Promoters of political ideologies take advantage of the weakness of turbulent societies and keep their efforts wielding power at the cost of all humanitarian values and peace. The only objective is to be in power and to rule people has created a psychic for which peace making efforts have failed. Peace is pushed back to the status of “subjective” as a result there is an intellectual void to accepting peace as “objective”. All peacemaking efforts have become merely war of words and recorded documents/agreements pushing peace away and away from the people, which very is well suited to whom so over come to rule the people.

CHLOE: In a country like the U.S where so many people do nothing to stop the five year occupation and conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan, how can peace teachers ever gain any influence. Most people either do not know or care about the damage done and the horrors to come. Would you agree?

PROF. DAS: It is a billion dollar question — “how peace teachers gain any influence”. The peace teachers have to activate the consciousness of members of civil societies. You have said correctly that peace is to be taught from womb to tomb. Then only after the civil society will be awakened and will overpower the present rulers having least interest in peace making process. The Peace teachers have to come out with new ideas to imprint in human minds that peace is the most vital and crucial life-support system. The Peace teachers will gain influence if they teach more of science and technology of peace and prove that peace is conscious science and achievable through the convergence of science of matter with science of spirituality.

CHLOE: Why are people so complacent? We cannot mandate intelligence or responsibility. How can you reach those who will not learn that war does nothing to make the world better? The U.S. alone has spent $3,000,000,000,000 (3 trillion) over the last five years in the current war in Iraq. That seems obscene when so many are starving or suffering from lack of medical care?

PROF. DAS: Yes, people are complacent because the civil society is indifferent to the cause of peace and the Peace teachers have yet to ensure to make peace education mandatory in all human activities and all professions. The U.S. has spent US$3 trillion over last five years in the current war in the Middle East. The civil societies have not made adequate efforts to convince U.S. that US$3 trillion could have been spent for the security, comfort and happiness of the people in the middle east. A prosperous territory with peace would have been developed.

CHLOE: Please summarize your feelings about the state of the world in general and the prospect for any kind of sustainable peace anywhere.

PROF. DAS: The state of world today is floating in “3Gs”—“Globalization”, ”Greed” and “Glamour”. From Cold war to Globalization — another experiment in human civilization with lofty ideals of creating a “global village”. But reality is something different. Globalization has been misdirected towards Greed creating the urge to acquire more and more for oneself at the cost of suffering for millions. People have fallen easy prey to glitters and are attracted to virtual glamorous forms with violent content (like flying insects are attracted to flame of a candle) in every sphere of life starting with behavior and thought to actions and relationships. The impact of “3Gs” has given rise to increasing helplessness to access true security, comfort and happiness. As a result Peace is eluding mankind. Radicalism and fundamentalism have increased many fold. Although the increase of production of material goods has increased along with mobility, a highly transient and violent society is emerging. Unless immediate corrective measures are initiated the “doomsday” will not be far away.

The prospect for sustainable peace has to be developed by making the civil societies conscious about their responsibility to discharge “ultimate reality” of life which is the sustainable peace and nothing but that. All the peace organizations of the world should be networked to advocate and teach collectively one language and grammar of peace to empower the civil societies so that Peace is not only talked about only after war and violence etc. so the impulses of sustainable peace can be imprinted in the neural plate of each human being in the mother’s womb and then further developed in the path of life till the destination of tomb is reached. With this approach and reformed conscious life style, the prospect of peace will improve in every corner of the world. There is no other alternative to this if the humanity desires to live in sustainable peace.

CHLOE: Thank you for your interesting and practical thoughts on how all the people of the world can share in the persuit of life, liberty and happiness.

Readers can now write to Prof. Das via and visit his peace site at and read his monthly essays at

Thank you for your interest in the peace movement and the PeaceClinic Institute's work as we help peace practitioners think globally and volunteer locally. You can also join in peace discussions at our international peace forum that is hosted by Yahoo! Groups.

- Chloe Joquel Freeland, Founder of The PeaceClinic Institute


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