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International News About The PeaceClinic and Affiliates World Wide
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World Peace Day Celebrations Photos - 07/25/06, India
(Continued from Press Releases - page one)

Photo Courtesy of The School for Peace Technology
Prof. Das at book signing table - Peace Technology
Photo Courtesy of The School for Peace Technology
Prof. Das speaking at Peace Day Event, 07/25/05


The School of Peace Technology Cuttack, Orissa in collaboration with PeaceClinic, California, USA celebrated World Peace Day On July 25, 2005 at Raghunathjew College, Cuttack, supporting Peace Technology Revolution and calendar reform programme to 13 months 28 days moon civil calendar for prevalence of sustainable global peace.

At about 10 am in the morning a cycle parade went around the city of Cuttack with students of Raghunathjew College holding placards like July 25 – World Peace Day, reformation of time calendar to 13 months 28 days moon civil calendar, Peace Technology Revolution etc and reach the school of Peace Technology where they planted about 1000 mango and Jatropha trees to imbibe the spirit of peace from mother nature.

A meeting was organised to celebrated the World Peace Day at Raghunathjew College, Cuttack. The meeting started with book signing programme of the book of Peace Technology authored by India Director PeaceClinic Prof. Fani Bhusan Das which is published in USA.

The function was decorated by personalities like former justice of Orissa high court Mr. Lingraj Rath as Chief Guest, Dr. Mohit Ku. Patra, President of Raghunathjew College, Dr. Rathod , Principal of the college, Mr. L.N.Panda Vice Principal of the college and its secretary Mr. N.Sahoo. Besides from School of Peace Technology Mr. B.Dey, Mr. B.R.Nayak, Mr.B.N.Mishra and spiritual guru Maharaj Sishusantha were present. Prof. Fani Bhusan Das, India Director PeaceClinic was the key speaker.

The function begun with lighting the LAMP OF PEACE followed by peace orchestra and peace songs. Mr.B.N.Mishra of School of Peace Technology welcomed the guests and Mr.L.N.Panda, Vice Principal of the College introduce the guests to the audience. President of the college address the audience giving a message for celebration of World Peace Day on July 25 and urgency of acceptance of 13 months 28 days moon civil calendar by the humanity.

Prof.Fani Bhusan Das explained in details the need and urgency of promulgation of 13 months 28 days moon civil calendar . He said that present 12 months calendar is one with irrational ordering of months and weeks without any relation with the universal law and laws of nature. This calendar has infused in human mind "Time is Money" which is monstrous and promoting a civilization where money and technological advances prevail over human sensibility and natural order. This gives rise to more and more violence, crime and terrorism throughout the world. It is creating chaos than harmony. Global movement against this calendar was initiated in 1900 for replacement of this with 13 months 28 days moon civil calendar. In January 1,1933 the League of Nations decided to accept this new peace calendar but because of opposition by few groups in the world, it was not announced . Last in 1993 this issue was taken up by UN but no decision could be taken. The Foundation for the law of Time has drawn up a World 13 moon calendar peace plan for transformation of Bio-sphere to Noosphere during a 20 years period beginning from 1993 to 2013 for shifting the historical materialism to post history spiritualism link to science ;shifting the time frequency from 12:60 to 13:20. They have advocated that Time is not Money but "Time is Art" with inbuilt character of healing , purifying, and unifying. A Planet Art Network (PAN) movement has been initiated and till now 46 countries have adopted the movement which recognise Time is Art and calls for "Make a Time shift – Make a Mind shift"

Prof. Das said that from July 25, 2005 the World Peace Day a beginning is made for establishment of PAN in India originating today in this gathering. He said that 13 months 28 days moon calendar is a "Solar – Lunar" calendar 0f 364 days as moon orbits around the earth 13 times in a year, with 28 days each month. Accordingly the new calendar will start from July 26 of the present calendar and end on next July 24 and the day July 25 is out of time bound – a day of timelessness bidding farewell to the past year and welcoming the new year from July 26. July 25 is the true World Peace Day to be celebrated by the humanity as peace is time less and infinite like time. In this new calendar every month is 28 days and every month starts from Sunday and end in Saturday with one day July 25 being out of time. With acceptance of this calendar by 2013 the world will change towards Peace Culture . An entirely different consciousness will realize technologies that are mental rather than material in nature. It will have perfect harmony with laws of nature and will improve consciousness level of humans removing the word "violence" from the human mind. It will be able to establish harmonious relationship with earth, moon and sun promoting peace culture in the world. Prof. Das spoke also about his book "Peace Technology" which advocate holistic ideas including calendar reform so that inner, domestic and global peace will rule the humanity.

The Chief guest Justice Rath advocated calendar reform and stressed that the humans must limit their desire and develop a sense of enough ness so that peace prevails in the earth. He quoted from Indian Mythology where peace was the highest order of civilization.

A peace poster competition was organised. Three students of Raghunathjew College were awarded First, second and third prize by the Chief Guest.

Sri.B.R.Nayak who presided over the meeting spoke about calendar reform and praised the support from PeaceClinic USA. The spiritual guru bless the universe and the humanity for establishment of peace culture in the earth. Mr. Dey the vice chairman of Peace Technology Center, Cuttack propose a vote of thanks for the guests, audience and the PeaceClinic and proposed to start a training course in Peace Technology in the college.

After deliberations a resolution was passed as follows.

Resolution for Calendar Reforms for Global Peace Through Peace Movement initiated by School of Peace Technology, Cuttack, Orissa, India in collaboration with PeaceClinic, Oceanside, California, USA.

We, the people of planet earth living in a landmass named as Cuttack, Orissa, India hereby resolve on July 25, 2005 to humbly urge upon United Nations to take up calendar reforms and establish 13 months 28 days moon civil calendar (discarding the present false, irregular and artificial timing frequency, 12 : 60 – 12 months calendar and 60 minute clock) which is justified by science of time alongwith announcing July 25 as World Peace Day for harmonizing human minds and activities with "Sustainable Peace", erasing the word "Violence" from the human minds, synchronizing with universal laws of nature, assisting us to find harmony and balance in all our relations and learn to sow the seeds of true and lasting peace so as to nurture the roots of a sustainable future for humanity and the biosphere.

India Director PeaceClinic, California urges upon UNEP to converge concept of “Peace Cities” with  “Green Cities” in the planning for planet.

Indian Science Congress association Bhubaneswar chapter, Orissa Environmental Society and Regional Plant Resource Center jointly celebrated 33rd World Environment Day at Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India. The theme as announced by UNEP was “Green Cities: Plan for the Planet” was deliberated in the function.


The Chief Guest of the Programme was Mr.Biswabhusan Harichandan, Hon’ble Minister, Rural Development, Industries and Law. The Guest of Honour was Mr.Surjya Narayan Patra, Hon’ble Minister, Energy, Information Technology and Tourism . The Chief Speaker was Prof. Fani Bhusan Das, India Director PeaceClinic, Oceanside, California, USA. The meeting was précised by Dr.Bimalendu Mohanty, Former Vice Chancellor, Utkal University of Culture.


The President of Orissa Environment Society Mr. K.Viswanadham gave the welcome address. He welcomed the ministers and other dignitaries on the dias and off the dias . He especially spoke about India Director PeaceClinic highlighting  the role of PeaceClinic in pursuing the goal of global peace and about the book of Peace Technology authored by Prof . Das. He emphasized that the goal UNEP can not be achieved without incorporating  “Peace” in the programme. He also informed  about the contribution of Prof. Das to global peace for which he has been awarded with PeaceClinic Peace Star Award 2005.


The Secretary of Orissa Environmental Society  Dr. J.K.Panigrahi introduced the theme as for the guidelines of UNEP to the illuminating audience comprising of  Scientists , technocrats, environmentalists , administrators , economists and social activists etc.


The Chief Speaker India Director, PeaceClinic in his address gave a call to the consciousness of all members of human family to contribute to sustainable planning process of the planet not only through Green Cities but also with Peace Cities. Without peace Green Cities will collapse . Green and peace must be converged through principles of Peace Technology for making the plan for the planet effective, prosperous and peaceful. He elaborated various principles of peace technology highlighting the for the first time in the human civilization an innovative  concept has been evolved which will facilitate saga of humanity to continue peacefully in the biosphere . He further gave a call to the global community to converged “Matter”namely security, comfort with a sense of enough ness and happiness  with “non-matter” namely truth, order and harmony to switch over from the present trend of “Creative Destruction” to “Creative Construction” by adopting Peace Technology  as the most powerful of development to create green and peace cities which will make the plan for the planet effective and sustainable. He urge upon the UNEP to accept the concept of Green and  Peace Cities so that planet is a safe, prosperous, secured, sustainable and peaceful.


Hon’ble Minister Mr. Patro highlighted the growth potential of the State of Orissa- a state rich in resources. The State is going to be a prosperous one very shortly but he emphasized that the development process should continue without disturbing the ecological balance and laws of nature. Mr. Harichandan the Chief Guest appreciated the concept of Peace and Green Cities and urged upon the global community to holistically plan for cities and the villages as quite a larger number of people in developing countries are  living in   rural areas. Only then the plan for the planet will be effective. He also expressed that it is essential to take adequate care of the poor people living in both cities and villages so that the concept of Green and Peace Cities contribute to a healthy planet.


The President Dr. Mohanty in his address spoke about establishing  equilibrium in interaction between various life forms and the resources of the planet to safe guard the future of the planet.


Dr. S.N.Patra , Secretary Orissa Environmental Society  proposed vote of thanks to all present and stressed that it is high time for the  humanity to honour the laws of ecology and environment while planning for the planet.


The programme was followed up with a workshop where various speakers highlighted the problems face by the humans and suggested alternative suggestions for mitigation of the problems so that the plan for the planet can be prepared to the concept of Green and Peace Cities. 


The School of Peace Technology, Cuttack, Orissa, India celebrated in the evening of June 5 2005 under the Presidenship of spiritual group Sishusantha Maharaj. The members of the school expressed their concrened about the violent cities which are coming up throughout the world. The violence is mainly created by the humans destroying themselves as well as their mother - the mother earth. The theme of UNEP Green Cities - plan for the planet will not be successful if the peace is not incorporated in the theme. It is high time international organisations must realise and adopt "Peace" as an intergral componenet of cities and other devlopment programmes so that a peaceful planet can be developed. It was felt by the members that the only with the principles of Peace Technology which has clearly enumerated the ideas of convergence of peace and green cities, besides incorporating peace in other human activities should be accepted by the international organisations and the humanity as a whole. It urges upon the PeaceClinic to make it a worldwise movement so that the human family gradually changes the mind set from crude, materilaistic culture with full of violence to a peaceful planet worth living in. Without peace the future of humanity is limited and simultaneoulsy the planet earth will be derailed from its natural path.
The UN and the UNEP should take first step in this direction which is the changing the time calender according to science of time. Thirteen months twenty eight days moon civil calender should be accepted by the UN which is now pending with them. The School gave a call to the entire humnaity to celebrate July 25 of the present calender as World Peace Day and July 26 as the New Year of 13 months 28 days new calender. With this approach only the theme of UNEP can be trnsalated into ground without remaining as a mere slogan. The members of the school expected that their voice will be listening by the international organisation and the humnaity to plan the planet effectively and peacefully with peace and green cities. 


Peace Technology Revolution
The School of Peace Technology, Cuttack organised "Meet the Press" programme on May 23rd, 2005, the full moon day and the birthday of Lord Bhuddha which is also celebrated as the DAY OF PEACE. 

Under the chairmanship of Hon’ble Justice P.K.Tripathy of Orissa High Court, the Press Meet was organised with large number of participants. The concept of Peace Technology, the need for establishing School of Peace Technology along with our collaboration with PeaceClinic showing all the press releases and other information about the India Chapter were highlighted by me. Hon’ble Justice Tripathy spoke about urgent need of acquiring inner peace which will lead to domestic and global peace. He also advocated to change over the present behaviour pattern to a behaviour linked with harmonics for the humans, which will expedite the pace of Peace Technology Revolution so that during the 21st century Peace will start ruling the humanity. The spritual guru Sisu Santha Maharaj spoke about the relevance of the school for convergence of "Science" with "Spiritualism" for acquiring peace at different levels.

Besides the executive members and others of The School of Peace Technology, Mr. B.Dey, Mr.B.Mishra, Mr.B.R.Nayak, Mr.R.K.Nayak, Mr. G.B.Routray, Ms. Mandakini Panigrahi also actively participated in the press meet emphasizing the need of The School of Peace Technology and the Peace Technology Revolutiuon. The Press people from English, Hindi, Oriya who asked various questions regarding The School of Peace Technology and the Peace Technology Revolution were explained the merits to their full satisfaction. They were also highly impressed with the innovative concept so that the saga of humanity continues in the biosphere.

The note circulated to the press people and other participants justifying the need to start The School of Peace Technology throughout the world is placed below. This was also highly appreciated by the media people and other participants. 


The School of Peace Technology

Listening to silent voice of human civilization the world’s first School of Peace Technology started in tiny landmass named as Cuttack, Orissa, India which is proposed to be replicated in other countries.

Let us look at the development of the world in an open mind without any bias. It can be said that the development is taking place progressively backward. This is mainly because the connectivity between "Matter" & "Consciousness" and "Science" and "spirituality" is disrupted day by day developing a culture of "Creative destruction". What is needed is "creative construction" so that all the life forms on the earth including humans live together for happiness and prosperity. This only can take place through peace building process by application of techniques of peace. Thus there is need for establishing a new culture of education-

"The Peace Technology".  Peace today is the victim of violence of material abundance and violence of poverty, inequity and exploitation . The process of creation tells us that "Peace" is the ultimate objective, desire and need of the humans and the ecology process including all its life forms.

But unfortunately from the beginning of human civilization, peace has taken a back seat and not accepted as objective knowledge of faculty in the education system. Presently only "War of Words" is continuing for a highly sensitive peace culture. It is the knowledge and education system that make or break human civilization.

Someone/organisation has to make a beginning for acquiring peace objectively through peace education which will be a continuous process starting from the life in the mother’s womb till the "conscious" spirit deserts life to become part of the universal spirit and making its matter (body) to recycle and again become integral part of the ecology.

From Ancient India Cultural Teachers
There can be no better place than the land mass named as Orissa in the planet Earth from where starting initiative can begin for much awaited appropriate peace education because this is the place from where the emperor Ashok and his children Sanghamitra and Mahendra moved out to spread the message of peace through out the world so that universal responsibility of humans in all fields- law, science, humanity, medicine, politics & every where else "Peace" rule the humanity in the society.

How The School of Peace Technology Was Started
Keeping the above in the view and civilization emergency the school of Peace Technology started on 14.11.2004 under the leadership and blessings of spiritual Guru Sisusantha Maharaj, Hon"ble Justice R.K.Patra, Hon’ble Justice P.K.Tripathy, Ms. Namita Panda, Chair Person State Women’s Commission Orissa and many other noble souls of this tiny land mass basing of the principles of natural philosophy (Science converges with spirituality) in collaboration with PeaceClinic, USA, conceived in the book of Peace Technology published by Author House, Bloomington, Indiana, USA. This book has been awarded with international star peace award by an international peace organization " The Peace Clinic" Oceanside, California, USA.

The Basic course of peace technology was started on 14.11.2004 with 20 participants out of which 5 were women and completed on 03.04.2005. The next batch of the course will be started shortly.

Peace Technology Revolution
Further the school is now in the process of starting a Peace Technology revolution through peaceful means to motivate world/local leaders of the society to introduce the course from primary level to highest level of education in each faculty and also to start professional courses in Peace Technology. Training programme of Peace for the child in the mother’s womb is also being planned. When every citizen of the world will be exposed to such unique courses , we will find ourselves in an universe that breeds life and possess the very particular properties of peace…… the more deeply one penetrates the more remarkable and subtle the fitness of this universe for life to appear and vibrate. Peace will become the key energy for development with programming of human mind for convergence of "Technology" with "spiritualism" so that "Consciousness" is restored to the fundamental position to build one world- one Global human family through Peace Technology Revolution.

The School solicits support and cooperation from each member of "THE HUMAN FAMILY" to switch over from the present chaotic trend of "Creative Destruction" towards a new culture of "Creative Construction" through peaceful means for ushering a new era of sustainable peace through development and sustainable development through peace.

With the support of PeaceClinic the ideas will be circulated throughout the world so that in every country the concept of The School of Peace Technology is replicated.

A CD is under preparation with both visual and audio of the above programme which will be sent to you for wide telecast in USA and other countries.

Web site for School of Peace Technology and the book, Peace Technology, by Prof. Fani Bhusan Das is here:
Students from any part of the world interested in this unique course may contact Prof. Fani Bhusan Das, India Director, PeaceClinic, Plot No. RP-104, Pandav Nagar, Tankapani Road, Bhubaneswar -751018, Orissa, India. (email:  ) and/or Chloe Joquel Freeland, Founder, The PeaceClinic, U.S.A (email: )
Peace Prize Awards 2005
OCEANSIDE, CA, USA, 02-06-2005
Professor Fani Bhusan Das is a recipient of the The PeaceClinic Peace Prize Award 2005 Prof. Das, author of Peace Technology, is the Founder/Director of The School of Peace Technology,  Professor Emeritus and Head of the Innovation Center (EKISTICS) at Ajay Binay Institute of Technology - Piloo Mody College of Architecture, Cuttack, Orissa, India, as well as Director of the India Chapter of the PeaceClinic. His book can be purchased through and from the publisher, and other major booksellers. 
The School for Peace Technology at Cuttak, Orissa, India
OCEANSIDE, CA, 01-24-2005
The theories of the basic level course of Peace Technology have been completed on Jan. 23rd, 2005. The participants are now working on individual Peace projects concerning inner and domestic peace. They will be submitting their project report by end February, 2005 which will be forwarded to Peace Clinic for comments.
The theory covers sources of Peace like the process of evolution, Biosphere and Ecology process, Human brain and mind, Harmonics, Ecological resources and development, societal process and political dynamics. During the training the capacity of the  participants  has been developed to accept peace as objective and as technology so that through various approaches and models sustainable development through peace and peace through sustainable development can be achieved.

The School of Peace Technology has also started Peace Technology – awareness level course for the school students. On 20th Jan. 2005 in the Brahemeswar Patna High school, Bhubaneswar about 50 students of the age up group of 9 to 12 years were given the exposure to the basics of peace and its objective and technological dimensions.

An essay  competition has been organized among these students. The best essay will be examined by a jury and will be awarded with prize both from Peace Clinic and School of Peace Technology.
Web site for School of Peace Technology and the book, Peace Technology, by Prof. Fani Bhusan Das is here:
Students from any part of the world interested in this unique course may contact Prof. Fani Bhusan Das, India Director, PeaceClinic, Plot No. RP-104, Pandav Nagar, Tankapani Road, Bhubaneswar-751018, Orissa, India. (email:  ) and/or Chloe Joquel Freeland, Founder, The PeaceClinic, U.S.A (email: )
A New “Peace Vision” For Human Civilization:
OCEANSIDE, CA,    November 8, 2004
For the first time in the human civilization, a “School of Peace Technology” has been started in Cuttack, Orissa, India, which has been affiliated to PeaceClinic, Oceanside, California, USA. The School has been started with basic objective of creating a “Oneworld-One global family” in conformity with the principles of Ecology process. The means to create such a global family are with the help of tools of “Peace through sustainable development” and “sustainable development  through peace”. This will be a “Climbing-up” process from “inner peace” “domestic peace” and ultimately to “global peace”.

Prof. Fani Bhusan Das, a Peace Technocrat and India Director PeaceClinic USA delivered the inaugural address to the students of the school highlighting objectiveness  of status of Peace which is the highest “value” of human life and briefly explained practical and feasible approaches to acquire peace at three levels (inner, domestic & global) through technological, philosophical and spiritual exploration process of our “Mother Nature” “The Ecology”. Ms Panda the chairperson of women’s commission of Orissa also interacted and addressed the participants to search for “inner peace” which will lead to “domestic peace” contributing to global peace. Other Peace resource persons namely Sishu Santh Maharaj, a spiritual guru, Mr. R.K. Nayak, Mr. B. Deo, Mr. R.B. Nayak and Mr. B. Mishra also inspired the students to practice the culture of peace.
The school, first of its kind in the world has envisaged to spread “Peace Technology” Education nationally  and internationally with the support of PeaceClinic, California, USA. The first batch  of students are attending classes every Sunday from 2PM to 5PM which will continue for a period of two months. These students will be the Peace volunteers who will promote Peace in a holistic form. Subsequently the school will start one year post-graduate diploma/ degree course which will be opened to graduates of any faculty like humanity, Science, Technology, Management, Planning, Architecture and sustainable development etc. which will help them not only to improve their carrier prospect but simultaneously empower them to access the most precious product of the universe- “The Peace”, there by contributing  to culture of inner, domestic and global peace. Through this course, the school also propose to unify humans of different races, religions,  class and nations etc. into one global family.  It has also been decided to start the first course for international students/ participants from different countries in 2005 when about 20 to 25 students apply to take admission to the course.

Students from any part of the world interested in this unique course may contact Prof. Fani Bhusan Das, India Director, PeaceClinic, Plot No. RP-104, Pandav Nagar, Tankapani Road, Bhubaneswar-751018, Orissa, India. (email:  ) and/or Chloe Joquel Freeland, Founder, The PeaceClinic, U.S.A (email: )
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