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Pearls of Peace - Manuscript


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Nutrition Database
Built at yahoo group, pasted here.

Vitamins, minerals, hormones, enzimes v Drugs Foods Brain Heart, Lung Muscle Bone Diseases Comments
Calcium (400–1,000 mg/day)   Milk, brocolli   for normal blood pressure     osteoporosis with magnesium, with D-3
CoQ10 = coenzyme Q10 (225 mg per day) See Lisinopril - defeates CoQ10   x see Lisinopril, using CoQ10 stopped BP meds! x x Hypertension, stop taking Lisinopril 1/2 hypertension patients have coenzyme Q10 deciencies.
DHEA = hormone               mother of all hormones
Fiber   vegs, beans, grains, fruit, nutes   lowers cholesterol     clogged arteries, obesity excess weight
Folic Acid (1,000–2,000 mcg x 3 mos   greens   x     heart disease. lower homocysteine level, cut back animal protein
Isoflavone   Soy            
L–arginine (500–1,000 mg per day                
Magnesium (400–1,000 mg/day)               (400–1,000 mg/day)
Melatonin     improves sleep       insomnia  
Omega-3 oils 1000-5000 mg per day   fish, nuts, seeds, flax stroke x     stroke, 5 x wk = 52% less risk of stroke Fish = fewestt deaths vs statins, niacin)
Vitamin A   eggs, carrots eyes lowers cholesterol        
Vitamin B-1                
Vitamin B-12       x     heart disease lower homocysteine level, cut back animal protein
Vitamin B-3                
Vitamin B-6       x     heart disease lower homocysteine level, cut back animal protein
Vitamin C   cittrus, tomatoes,     connective tissue     antioxident
Vitamin D-3 (with calcium)   capsules, milk+       osteoperosis   with calcium, makes melanin in sunlight
Vitamin E Tocotrienols, (25–50 mg per day)   Fresh fruits, dark green leafy vegets, almonds, peanuts, wheat germ   lowers LDL cholestrol     400 -800 IU, day = 77% less heart disease, skin healing, hydrating Tocotrienols = most potent part of E complex
acetyl–L–carnitine (1000-3000 mg per day).                
aspartame   Equal   heart palpitations        
asperin     lower risk of stroke       stroke, swelling, burns, etc deplete potassium levels, anti-inflamatory,
beta-carotene, (3–6 mg day)   Carotenoids see lycopene & lutein            
cafeine   coffee awake, alertness palpitations   bad, use once a week, heart palpitations leaches calcium from bones
homocysteine, amino acid protein   animal protein   x     heart disease  
lycopene   tomatoes   x     heart disease  
monosodium glutamate MSG preservative   heart palpitations        
potassium-to-sodium ( a 5:1                
seratonin     happyness, apetite control         hormone like endorphin
sugar   sugar, bread, pasta, cookies   heart palpitations        
  antioxident green tea or black tea prevents heart disease 4 cups x day cuts hardening arteries 66%     stroke antioxident,
    green vegs, broccoli, kale, collard, cabbage. citrus,   lowers cholesterol     stroke. lowered 31%  
  Insulin hormone (70/30 x2 daily)     risk of heart disease, chief is increased insulin resistance     Diabetes, heart disease = insulin resistance pancrease, 70/30 2 x day
  Metformin           Diabetes substitute -
  Lipitor atorvastatin (see CoQ10 for bad side effects)     lowers cholesterol, LDL     High cholesterol lower Coenzyme Q10 levels
  Lisinopril     lowers blood pressur     high BP  
  Amitriptalin     lowers BP     feet swelling  
    beans, peas, nuts, grains, Oats   lowers cholesterol     heart  
    garlic 4,000 mg day allicin   lower blood pressure     heart disease  
    soy   x     heart disease  
  alcohol wine   heart palpitations        
    hawthorn extract is good   heart palpitations        
    carrots 5 per wk = 68% less risk of stroke fiber lowers cholesterol     stroke = high LDL bad cholesterol instead of asperin, + fiber