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PeaceClinic Workshop

Relationship Checklists

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 Relationship dv_ribbon.jpg Checklists 
National Domestic Violence 24-hour-a-day hotline.
800-799-SAFE (7233)

Court Protection Orders Do 
Help Abused Women & Men

 Are You In An Abusive Relationship?

You may be in an abusive relationship if your current boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or partner has done any of the following:

  • Alienated your family and friends, or wants you to
    forget they exist.
  • Insulted or driven away your friends or family.
  • Withheld approval, appreciation or affection as punishment.
  • Continually criticized you, called you names or shouted at you.
  • Ignored your feelings regularly.
  • Ridiculed or insulted your most valued beliefs, your religion, race, class or sexual preference.
  • Been very jealous--harassed you about imagined affairs.
  • Manipulated you with lies.
  • Insisted you dress the way he/she wants.
  • Criticised the way you eat, too fast/slow.
  • Humiliated you in private or public.
  • Taken car keys or money away.
  • Subjected you to reckless driving.
  • Thrown objects at you.
  • Abused pets to hurt you.
  • Punched, shoved, slapped, bit, kicked, choked or hit you.
  • Raped you or subjected you to other violent or degrading non-consensual sexual acts.
  • Threatened to commit suicide if you leave.

  Emotional/Spiritual Wounds Survey  

  • Have you ever been divorced, abandoned, or abused?
  • If you fear rejection,  do you accept abusive situations?
  • Do you love someone who does not return your feelings?"
  • If you desire to please people, are you uncomfortable saying "No."
  • Are anxiety, depression, and/or fear ruining your life?
  • Is expressing anger very difficult for you?

If you need help, write to Chloe, Linda, Susan, or Kerry.

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