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PeaceClinic Workshop

o Overview
o Certificates
o Application
o Registration
o FAQs
o Guidelines
Peace Practitioner Workshop
During each of the three Lessons, students will receive recommended reading lists, simple assignments designed to promote journaling and participation in the group on line email forum that will be available for students and advisors
Reflections and Discussions
On Being Peace

What is the meaning of peace?


o  Peace practitioners as community builders.
o  We can make a difference by becoming community leaders.

Topics for Lessons

Lesson One:  Inner Peace Topics 

o  Finding inner peace
o  Serenity
o  Compassion
o  Empowerment
o  Freedom
o  Joy
o  Survival Skills
o  Self Defense
o  Healing Help
o  Anger Management
o  Personal Safety
o  Life Empowerment Coaching
o  Power of Critical Thinking
o  Safety
o  Volunteering
o  Ways People Grow
o  Meditation

Lesson Two:  Domestic PeaceTopics

o  Defining Peaceful Families 
o  Domestic Violence (See Stop Domestic Violence, by Merritt et all)
o  Alcohol and Abuse 
o  Family Communication
o  Language of Peace
o  Crisis Cancelling!
o  Relationships
o  Intervention
o  Safe Houses
o  Shelters
o  Make a Plan and Scram 

Lesson Three:  World Peace Topics

o  Human Rights
o  Bill of Rights
o  Organizations
o  Governments
o  Constitutions
o  Price of Peace
o  Culture Watch
o  Activist Training
o  World Citizenship
o  Mediation
o  Terrorism
o  Violence in the Media
o  Enviornment
o  Global Energy Crisis
o  Economics of Poverty
o  Global Hunger
o  Communities
o  Wars
o  Pacifism
o  Racism   (See Talking About Race, by Kaolin)
o  Nonviolence
o  Gandhi
o  Sanctions
o  Technology of Peace  (See Peace Technology, by F.B. Das)
o  Ethical dimensions of peace and war
o  Riots and collective violence
o  Justice
o  Nuclear nonproliferation
o  International security
o  Creating peaceful communities
o  Peacebuilding and leadership


Suggested Reading List for this workshop

Stop Domestic Violence:
     Lou Brown, Francois Dubau, and J.D. Merrit McKeon
I'm Not That Way Any More:
     Bernice Jepson
Peace Technology: 
     Fani Bhusan Das
Principle-Centered Leadership:
     Stephen R. Covey
What A Great Idea!
     Charles "Chic" Thompson


PeaceClinic programs  are making a difference!
The PeaceClinic Institute is a non-political, non-religious, non-sectarian and nonprofit educational organization.

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