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PeaceClinic Institute for Consciousness Research (PCICR)

Holiday Greetings

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Happy Holiday Wishes
from our Peace Practitioners world wide
Peaceful thoughts   indiaflag.jpg  from   INDIA
Winter holidays are special. Few fortunate people in the world enjoy these holidays. For them, the season's greeting is as follows.
Enjoy the special holidays with heart and soul and derive psychic-gratification and simultaneously think of those who are subject to abuse, neglect, poverty and are victims of domestic violence and pray for them while enjoying the romanticism of winter, which will enhance your spirit to "give" them something as the greatest pleasure of life is in "giving" than grabbing everything. Enjoy your life and special holidays and enrich your spirit by offering prayers for the people who cannot think of holidays which in return will fill your mind and heart space with the most needed "peace energy".  I wish you true enjoyment.

Prof. Fani B. Das, Orissa, India
Peace Practitioner, founder of World Peace Technology Institute, and author of Peace Technology
A Wave  ausieflag.jpg  from the Australia
"... something along the lines of...   
even if it's only a north hemisphere thing."
Peace Practitioner,


Peace & Love from  philippinesflag.jpg  Philippines

"We miss you in the USA and hope you can visit us (Expatriots) here in Manilla someday.  Hope you like rain! The violence is mostly in the Southern islands. Not so on the island of Luzon where we live. 

Most people in the Filippines are Catholic, of course. We are planning a trip to Hong Kong soon and hope to see signs of peace there.  We look forward to seeing all the sights in Manilla at Christmas time too.  We send you happy holiday wishes to the whole world and hope each one has a home, food, and love.  Peace and goodwill to all living on Mother Earth."

Cindy dv_ribbon.jpg

Cindy Davis, Peace Practitioner, Manilla, Filippines


Hello from   usa_flag.jpg    U.S.A.


My greetings to the world is for a peaceful exsistance, happiness, love and the ability to give, give and give more.

Susan Moore, Peace Practitioner, Tennessee


Love One Another



Sara Quaintance, Peace Practitioner, Louisianna



This is the season for 'Paying It Forward'.

All the volunteers at the PeaceClinic, the executive team
and all of our Peace Practitioners world wide wish you the very
best and most creative and rewarding season of charity and compassion. 

Peace, Love, Faith, and Hope,

Chloe Joquel Freeland, Oceanside, CA
Founder of The Peace Clinic & the Peace Practitoners Workshops 

The PeaceClinic, Oceanside, CA



The Peace Clinic Peace Practitioners Workshops
are scheduled for Spring and Fall 2007.
The are still free, but not forever.
Plan to sign in to one of our on line workshops that typically last for about two weeks.  Apply now and plan to log in after school and/or job. The private e-group forum will be open 24/7 for your enjoyment.


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