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PeaceClinic Institute for Consciousness Research (PCICR)

Flock of Angels Guidelines

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PeaceClinic Institute for Consciousness Research

The Flock of Angels
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Guidlinesdv_ribbon.jpgfor Angels

Guidelines for FOAngels are really quite simple.  Activated Virtual Angels often act as Community Counselors for people who are seriously reaching out for help with leaving an abusive spouse or preparing to escape. So we use any resource we can to lead them to their best system of survival.  We can serve as victims advocates.

- Listen First

- Use Compassion

- Do Unto Others, Golden Rule

- Ask the Community for Advice

- Report Any Difficulties

Often those who seek our assistance can only be reached mentally by medical or psychology professionals.  When this becomes obvious it is our obligation to make referrals to community resources such as the court system, clinics, domestic violence shelters, or public financial assistance agencies. 

We can act as a first "Friend" responder for victims seeking the best solutions for their personal abusive situations.  The FOAngels community can guide you if you need suggestions.  You can become an effective asset online and in your local community. 

Sometimes FOAngels decide to seek higher education that can lead to a professional career as a victims advocate.


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