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PeaceClinic Institute for Consciousness Research (PCICR)

Domestic Violence in the News

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Domestic Violence = Domestic Terrorism

Violence dv_ribbon.jpg  Awareness

Learn how to become a domestic peace practitioner at our
free on line workshops and certificate programs.

   More than 70 News Stories on Domestic Violence

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic violence survivor speaks out to help others

War By Other Means

Current Challenges to Feminism: Theory and Practice 

Violence Against Women - Not Culture Specific but Global

Gender Violence a Universal Norm, Says U.N. 

Support vital for women students [editorial]

Stop violence against Philippine women - time to end abuse in the home [Amnesty International web site]

Philippines spirit rises against domestic violence

Groups working to raise awareness

Victim reluctance, secrecy obstacles to fighting domestic violence

Death shows NT domestic violence problem

St. John Residents March In Remembrance of Domestic Violence Victims

Nuneaton's domestic violence shame

Domestic violence victims celebrate prison releases

Domestic violence society's problem

Dowry demands turn to violence

Silent Tears - No More: An End To Domestic Violence

Five cases of domestic violence in Murcia Region this weekend

India to take tips from Pakistan regarding domestic Violence

Yurok tribe hosts domestic violence events

Strategies for handling domestic violence at work

How to get help:   Domestic violence

Volunteers needed to help overcome domestic violence

Domestic violence at heart of play

Domestic violence against Native women rampant

Brochures to target domestic violence victimsNine percent of 911 calls are about domestic violence

Marion County Agencies Participate in Nationwide Domestic Violence Offender Sweep

Empty setting puts spotlight on domestic violence issue

Shooting ‘domestic violence’

Panel Of Experts, Lancet Papers Examine Maternal Mortality In Developing Countries

St. Paul sets up office for victims of domestic violence

One in four women in America is abused

Domestic violence prevention group promotes awareness

Documentary shows impact of domestic violence on children

Domestic Violence Through the Eyes of Survivors... Journeys of Hope

Learn how to become a domestic peace practitioner at our
free on line workshops and certificate programs.

Domestic Violence Conference a Success

Simple Marital Problems Can Lead to Fatal Consequences

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic violence nearing epidemic levels

Q&A: Domestic violence

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Domestic violence - a serious problem

Candlelight vigil aims to bring awareness to domestic violence

DVPO marks domestic violence awareness month

Caddo, Shreveport officers honored during domestic violence awareness month

Nothing 'domestic' about violence

Former Abuse Victim Keeps Tabs on Probationers

Know your rights to fight violence, women told

Hunting domestic violence offenders
Law agencies act in concert to serve warrants

Victims of domestic violence today more likely to speak out

Domestic violence is everyone's business say professional women

Survivor Story -- Victim of domestic violence shares her experiences

Reality of domestic violence needs to be addressed

When Words Hurt

Community shares experiences, stories

Domestic violence: ‘On average, they go back seven times’

Domestic violence a problem in Incline

Experts say domestic violence no longer confined to home

Nepal to hold talks with Bhutan on refugees issue,000500020006.htm

Awareness a first step to stop domestic violence

1 In 4 Women Nationwide Is Victim Of Domestic Abuse
Every day four women die in this country as a result of domestic violence

Hundreds of Men Support Annual Domestic Violence Rally

Barbers, stylists can learn to spot domestic violence

Bulgaria Opens Temporary Shelters for Victims of Domestic Violence

Sanctuary Scheme provides home security measures & emotional support & safety planning advice.

McCartney, Accused Of Domestic Violence and Drug Abuse

Bush wants to end program aiding domestic violence victims

Temporary Restraining Order Clinic

Someone you know is experiencing domestic violence

Domestic violence: Yes, it happens here
"My work with domestic violence victims is an honor."

Getting out of abusive relationships

Across the United States, over four million women are assaulted by their partners each year

New ads aimed at curbing domestic violence

White Flags Symbolize Domestic Violence Victims

Train to help domestic violence victims


Learn how to become a domestic peace practitioner at our
free on line workshops and certificate programs.

There is no excuse dv_ribbon.jpgfor abuse.       

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