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PeaceClinic Institute for Consciousness Research (PCICR)


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Peace Practitioner Workshop


 Please complete the  application form below.

We would like to know your interests and concerns about peace in general. If you have a specific area you are interested in studying, please write about it in this form since this is the very first ever program offered. We are breaking ground and making history. You may be interested in one or all of these aspects of peace.

World Peace
conflict resolution, hunger, poverty, medicine

Domestic Peace  
     domestic harmony vs violence, abuse

Inner Peace
self knowledge, serenity, anger management


Easy Application Process:

Please fill the application form show below with your interests and include your mailing address, email address, phone, and skype name if you have it to:

Workshop Application,

The PeaceClinic volunteer staff will write back to you so you can begin the formal registration. It is all very simple and quick.

Thank you for your interest. Working for and learning about peace is a most noble activity.

Chloe Joquel Freeland
Founder, the PeaceClinic Institute

Full name:
Email address:

PeaceClinic programs  are making a difference!
The PeaceClinic Institute is a non-political, non-religious, non-sectarian and privately funded educational organization.

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