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PeaceClinic Institute for Consciousness Research (PCICR)

Tauheedah Jabaar - Bio

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Tauheedah (Teeej) Jabaar
Board of Directors


Me (c) with Tran Mai & Scott Light of Channel 12 News at DV walk/run '08


Me singing my song
Don't Hurt My Children

        • Domestic Violence Victims Advocate
        • Recreational Specialist G-S7 Luke A.F.B.
        • Youth Programs Luke A.F.B.
        • Behavioral Health Supervisor 
        • Behavioral Health Technician 
        • Senior Caregiver

I am a single mom of 9 children; seven sons and two daughters. I have 18 grandchildren and one great grandson. These people are the pride and joy of my life... they all succeed in driving me on in my mission... and I smile.

After arriving here in Phoenix I began writing poems; one of which I set to music. DON'T HURT MY CHILDREN has now become my theme song on my pages as well as any public engagements I am invited to sing at.

I went to AIPX for Film/Video production but I had to drop out due to financial and health related issues. I was determined to continue with my film/video work, so my son Storm, my daughter-in- law, Veronica and I set out to complete the filming of my true story of escape, on our own. My children unknowingly became advocates also after working with me on the production and editing of this" short" film entitled DANCING BY MYSELF.

Currently I am working on getting my book edited and published about my escape with my nine children.

MY STUFF: I pledged to become a Domestic Violence Victims Advocate in September, 2000 and I have diligently worked in this field ever since.

MY PAGES: Tauheedah Jabaar & Lavendre9Productions on FaceBook- SKYPE and Twitter 

Hometown Kankakee, Illinois
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