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PeaceClinic Institute for Consciousness Research (PCICR)

Tammy Searle Advocacy

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Advocacy for Children's Rights
Tammy Searle's Case

Bring Alexis Nicole Home To Mom


Message From the Child's Mother
"My daughter was wrongfully taken from San Diego, California by Sheriff T.J. Byrnes with the Vista Sheriff's department in San Diego County.  This was greatly due to the fact that the sheriff believed the father's story that the Mother abducted her little girl from the State of Tennessee.  This was in error as the Mother, Tammy Searle was given full custody in Tennessee and that order was upheld by the Appeallate Court of Tennessee.
The little girl, Alexis Nicole Searle-Pfister was taken from San Diego June 2003 and has never seen her Mommy again.
The father, Keith Pfister has continued to keep the little girl away from the Mother.  He lives & works in New Orleans and Alexis is left with his girlfriend, Debra Brissette in Franklin, TN."
- Tammy Searle
Tammy Searle
cell  (760) 500-6555    

Other Links About Mom and Daughter
The PeaceClinic hopes you will pass this story on to others and
help Tammy to get her daughter home again. 
Please help if you can.  Thank you.




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