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PeaceClinic Institute for Consciousness Research (PCICR)

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PCI News  2007-2001

CARLSBAD, CA - 03-01-2007
Bring Their Buddies Home, an Act of Art
On February 19th this anti-Iraq-war organization created an Act or Art instead of a war protest demonstration. Three hundred volunteers arrived in the wind and rain to show their support for our troups in Iraq. In cooperation with the North County Coalition for Peace and Justice, and the Peace Alliance (Sen. Kucinich's proposal for a Dept. of Peace) the "Buddies" volunteers each wore a piece of paper with the name of one of the soldiers killed in the war on terror in Iraq. God supplied tears in the form of rain. The full story with pictures of the volunteers lined up along California's Coast Highway in Carlsbad, CA.  ~ Chloe Joquel Freeland
Bring Their Buddies Home

OCEANSIDE, CA - 02-23-2007
DCA (dichloroacetate) - New Cancer Treatment
The PeaceClinic's founder has taken up a personal campaign to bring to the public an awareness of the newest possible cure for many types of Cancer.  Get to the web site below and learn about the discovery and the problems of getting into the hands of cancer patients who may need this if the standard radiation and chemo therapies have not helped them. 
~ Chloe Joquel Freeland
DCA Information site

OCEANSIDE, CA - 01-01-2007
You're Invited! Talk about peace issues in your life or community. Here is the link to the new PeaceClinic International Forum at yahoo groups.
International Forum  


 OCEANSIDE, CA - 12-01-2006
PeaceClinic's Home Office Moves Closer To Surf!
Just when you think you have all the communications facilities installed in your office, the whole toy box gets dumped on the floor. Yup, the PC home is now reinstalled and reconnected in a building that is less than 1/2 mile from the Pacific Ocean. We have tides, surf, mist, and fog. Lots of fog. But now we are closer to our favorite meeting place, Ruby's restaurant located at the end of the Oceanside Pier! Here is our favorite photo from the pier.

                        Photo Courtesy of Rich Freeland
             Here is our favorite photo from the pier.


ORISSA, INDIA - 10-07-2006
New World Peace Technology Center Opens
The City of Cuttak, Orissa, INDIA is the home of the new World Peace Technology Institute and home of Prof. Fani B. Das, founder of the school and author of the book, Peace Technology, that inspired the founding of the school.

Friends and family celebrated the opening of the new WPT site.
Prof. Das is in blue shirt

dsc00375a.jpg          Women are wearing various Indian regional costumes. Beautiful! 

The PeaceClinic is happy to have been a small part of the vision of the NWP Internet presence too. (Prof. Das has honored the PeaceClinic by naming Chloe Joquel Freeland as co-founder of the WPT site. Be sure to sign up for the WPT's e-Communicator newsletter.


MANY, LA - 10-01-2006
New Board of Advisors Member is Welcomed
Peace Practitioner, Sara Quaintance, has accepted her appointment to the PeaceClinic Advisory Board. She wishes to focus on domestic violence issues.  We are very happy to have her aboard.  Her enthusiasm as a peace practioner led her to discover that a wonderful anti-violence program has been implemented by her grandchild's school in Many, Louisianna. The school board received funding for the new program known as The Second Step curriculum and was purchased from the Committee for Children. Sara has been communicating with Jewel Corley, Sabine Parish School Board Supervisor, because Sara wishes to acknowledge the effort by the teachers. We should hear more about the program in 2007.  It would be wonderful to read some reports by the teachers. Thanks, Sara.


ST. PAUL, MN - 09-10-2006 
Midwestern Chapter Director Becomes A Mom
Kerry Museus recently married and became a first time mother of a little girl she named Madison. Kerry's new last name is Klisch. We hope to have some baby pix and an update on the new family near St. Paul, Minnesotta. Congrats!


PHOENIX, AZ - 09-10-2006
Wedding Vows for SW Chapter Director
Wendy Watters married and moved from Tucson to Phoenix with her young daughter and new husband. She is now Wendy Trakes. We hope to hear from her when she gets settled in at her new home and job at Arizona State University. Peace and joy to your family, Wendy. 


AUSTRALIA- 06-01-2006
Peace Practitioner Researches Peace Links
Our dear friend and Peace Practitioner, Rai, in Australia has seen some tough times at her home in Australia recently due to some very impressive weather out there. Big winds in OZ!  We thank her for arranging to send us a monster list of important Web links to stories on peace in general and anti-domestic violence as well. Thank you, Rai.


ATWOOD, TN - 05-12-2006
Please Support the project to create a U.S. Dept. of Peace
Susan Moore, our Eastern regional chapter director, has been volunteering for the Peace Alliance and the petitions effort for a U.S. Department of Peace. This project is a very serious step for our legislature.  You can write to her if you want to get involved in this effort.

Susan's newest grandchild, Addison Bailey Hill, arrived this Summer. She said she has been extra busy helping out with the baby and everything else she does to support her family in Atwood, Tennessee. Peace and best wishes to your family.


OCEANSIDE, CA -  11-15-2005 
Peace Practitioners Certificate Program
Twenty three workshop participants in the PeaceClinic Peace Practitioners Certificate program completed the first online forum on how to become peace teachers.  They received an offical certificate and thanks from the Executive Team members for their contributions to the online discussions. We are proud to give them our continuing support and guidance as they look for ways to improve and enlighten their own families and communities.
OCEANSIDE, CA -  09-05-2005  
Peace Practitioners Program & Applied Peace Technology
Peace Practitioners Coast to Coast will be an on-going educational program developed by the PeaceClinic in Oceanside, California. Through workshops and Internet based programs, Peace Practitioner graduates will learn about the world of 'peace' from volunteerism to career possibilities. Those who complete the three-part workshops will be awarded a Certificate of Completion with recognition for community leadership. Our educational program will be a practical way of introducing the three fold aspect of peace as it is promoted by the PeaceClinic.  Volunteers from the PeaceClinic and Creative Coaching Institute will function as instructors and mentors for all who are interested in fighting terrorism, social injustice, prejudice and domestic violence coast to coast and beyond.  Among the advisors are James Harris (Founder, The Flock of Angels Foundation) and Ms.Tanya Brown (Tanya Brown & Associates). Both have long been volunteers for the Nicole Brown Charitable Foundation and friends of the PeaceClinic.   more...
Contact:  The PeaceClinic
OCEANSIDE, CA -  08-02-2005  
World Peace Day Celebrated in California and Orissa, India
Through the magnificent efforts of Professor Fani B. Das, founder of the School of Peace Technology in India, the PeaceClinic in Oceanside and the India Chapter in India had a wonderful day of celebrations, July 24-25th, 2005. See our press release pages 1 & 2 for photos of the event in India. Our USA group forgot to bring a camera!  Next year, we will have the second annual celebration all over the USA and beyond. 
OCEANSIDE, CA -  06-10-2005  
CNN Story: Denise Brown, Then & Now
Denise Brown, founder of the Nicole Brown Charitable Foundation ( and our friend, was honored today on CNN after 11 years of working for victims of Domestic Violence. Denise is a recipient of many service awards including the PeaceClinic Peace Award 2005, Peace Star.  (CNN  story)
OCEANSIDE, CA -  06-05-2005  
Memorial Season Candlelight Vigil - World Wide June 12
A Candlelight Prayer Vigil for all victims of violence will be held at Dana Point, CA on June 12th, 2005, at 8:30 PM., Salt Creek Beach Park (map). Bring a friend and some candles. Visit the Chamber of Commerce for info about the park. Contact or
memorial_season_logo.jpg          memorial_june_12_2003.jpg
Memorial Season Candlelight Vigil, 2003, Tanya Brown (L) Denise (R)   Photo by Rich Freeland, The PeaceClinic
OCEANSIDE, CA -  05-16-05
Rich Freeland, the PeaceClinic's First Volunteer
lost his battle with cancer on April 22, 2005.  His legacy of healing by music and laughter will live on as we carry on his vision for the PeaceClinic. He was a very compassionate man who's family and friends will miss him and his photo art and his music. He loved to sing and play his accoustic guitar for an audience of friends, nursing home residents and several beach club patrons from San Diego to Oceanside, to Dana Point, CA.  Rich was awarded the PeaceClinic Peace Star Award 2005. Continued 
World Wide Prayer Circle
If you would like to add someone to our Prayer Circle for those who need help, please write to the 
Peace Technology Revolution
 - July 24-25th 2005
If you are waiting for a way to change the world, show your love and participate in a little revolution!  This will be a fun event with a book signing in Oceanside, CA (map). I will have three things to offer on our table. The PeaceClinic workshops gift certificates, a flyer about the Peace Book, a copies of Peace TechnologyI'm Not That Way Anymore and Stop Domestic Violence . You will be able to order books and make donations as you learn about volunteering for Peace.  
OCEANSIDE, CA -  05-14-05
The World's First School for Peace Technology
& Book
Professor Fani Bhusan Das of Orissa, India, has blessed the world with his book, Peace Technology, available at The second edition was published in January, 2005 with a foreward by PeaceClinic Founder, Chloe Joquel.  His book offers an innovative approach to peace, ecology, economy and sustainable development. Professor Das has started the School for Peace Technology in Orissa, India. He is the Director of the India Chapter of the PeaceClinic and a member of our Advisory Board.  His total approach to peace education is completely in line with the mission and goals of the PeaceClinic. Professor Das is a recipient of the PeaceClinic Peace Prize Award 2005.  Watch for news in world media about this first graduating class of peace teachers. Please welcome him and pick up his book. Read a press release about the School for Peace Technology web site.


OCEANSIDE, CA -  01-20-05 
Member's Book to Help Abused Children
The book, I'm Not That Way Anymore, written by Bernice Jepson, published by Publish America, is about child abuse, child molestation, and domestic violence. This book has received endorsements from the National Organization for Missing and Exploited Children, the Jacob Wetterling Foundation, the National Defense Foundation for Children USA, and the US Government. Jepson has received personal endorsements from the prominent Dr. Robert Stone, and news reporter, Jana Shortal from KARE 11, and others. She has been intereviewed by three different newspapers.  Please welcome Bernice as a new member of the PeaceClinic. Her book is listed with Barnes and Noble and Get one today and share her journey.

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