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DCA (dichloroacetate)

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 DCA (dichloroacetate) - New Cancer Treatment

By Chloe Joquel Freeland
Founder of the PeaceClinic Institute for Consciousness Research, Oceanside, CA
 posted 09/27/2007 updated 12/30/2012

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DCA (dichloroacetate) is a simple generic compound (as ordinary as vinegar) that costs less than $5 a day as a cancer treatment has been found to shrink tumors in lab rats by about 70% in as little as three weeks. Now who would want such a thing?

An estimated one in every 200 people in North America is a cancer victim. Since cancer is such an efficient killer, who would not want DCA?

The only people who would not want DCA to be widely distributed are the folks who make and sell other very costly cancer treatment drugs.

There is a problem. DCA is such simple small molecule and such a generic substance that only a very weak sort of "use" patent can be obtained for its use as a cancer treatment.  It is a legal problem for the pharmaceutical corporations because they could not get any real patent protection for DCA if they wanted to make and sell it for a large profit. There is no profit so they will not bring it to market to compete with their own tragically expensive drugs that are being used now as chemo therapy for cancer patients. 

Patent protection creates good competition. That protection is what would make a large pharmaceutical company want to produce a new drug. They could spend a lot of money developing a drug and never make a big enough profit without patent protection from others who would like to compete with them.

I am writing this to introduce you to the idea and the problem cancer patients will now face. It does seem insane to limit access to something that could save lives with only some minor side effects. DCA can be prescribed by oncologists for cancer treatment. Very few of them are willing to write a prescription for a substance that has been tested and approved by the FDA only for another disease. It would have to be an "off-label" prescription. Most oncologists prefer to use the standard accepted and very expensive cancer treatment drugs. It is legal for them to write prescriptions for off-lable therapies and it is legal for anyone to buy DCA from a compounding pharmacy. This would not be your corner drug store pharmacist. Special formulary or compound pharmacies can make up compounds for you on prescription, science researchers, doctors, and hospitals.

Now that you know about the hope for a new cancer cure, and you know the basic legal and financial issues for the pharmaceutical companies, you might imagine how many jobs in the medical professions would no longer be needed if  DCA shrinks most tumors and can be distributed for only a few dollars a day per patient.

You can hope that you never get cancer and never have to live in fear as most cancer patients do. You can hope that you never meet anyone in your life that has cancer. If you are one in the first group, may I suggest that you do your own research and try to help in anyway possible to make DCA available and soon. Find out who discovered that it shrinks tumors and where it can be purchased and how much is needed per dose. Here are some quick links to help you. Please tell everyone you know.

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Main Research and Discovery

Dr. Evangelos Michelakis
Department of Medicine, University of Alberta
Edmonton, Canada
Tel: (780) 407-6524
Fax: (780) 407-3340

The DCA Site & Forum
Title page and extracts from the Michelakis and Archer paper from  Cancer Cell 11, 37–51, January 2007

Picture of DCA Killing Cancer Cell.  Click on Graphic

News Stories About DCA Research

University of Alberta, Dept. of Medicine 

New Scientist News Service

Cancer Cell Magazine

Express News  (article removed, reason unknown)

Harvard Independent (article removed, reason unknown)

Health and Wellness, May, 2011
Scientists cure cancer, but no one takes notice

More resources will be posted as I become aware of them. Please write to me with your findings. Thanks.

People Using DCA

Peter Sarto, UK

This article is copyright free. You are encouraged to copy and distribute as widely as possible with only the author's name attached.

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About The Author

Chloe Joquel Freeland has no association with any pharmaceutical company, hospital or medical clinic, and does not own stock in any such companies, and has no financial interest in any business related to said companies.  (She is not a physician nor veterinarian, so this information is from a private, non-medical professional, investigative viewpoint.)

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DCA (dichloroacetate)

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